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World Earth Day at Bedruthan

Written by Nat Louis

Earth Day is a reminder that we have no planet B, that we must preserve the world we live in and make good decisions for future generations.

By making small, eco-conscious decisions in your everyday life, you can make a big change in playing your part in looking after our home. We factor these decisions into everything we do here at Bedruthan, by making these small changes to our operations and the way our business works to be as kind to the environment as possible.

We have outlined five decisions we make and how you can help in your own home:

1. Meadows and Gardens

We allow our meadows and gardens to bloom with native plants, shrubs and herbs that not only look perfect set into the cliffs, they also provide a wonderful eco-system. By allowing our plants and grass to grow a little longer, the wildlife around us can thrive in it's natural habitat.

During summer we can expect to see choughs, adders, grass snakes, rabbits and even more animals that rely on our gardens for their home.

By leaving your grass to grow a little longer, or by researching plants native to your home and planting these in place of exotic options, you can welcome more nature to your garden and create your own perfect eco-system.

2. Suppliers

By using food and drink suppliers with strong sustainability credentials and brand morals allows us to serve food that is locally and ethically sourced. Meaning when you are eating and drinking with us, you can enjoy your food knowing that it has been grown, caught or reared with sustainability in mind.

For example, we opt for local seafood such as Fish For Thought who are a local business that only fish sustainably, offering seasonal produce and alternatives to popular fish such as Swordfish which is usually caught using un-sustainable methods with local fish that is in a natural abundance such as mackerel or monkfish.

When grocery shopping at home, opting for locally fished and line caught produce from fishmonger counters is a simple step to take for sustainable shopping.

3. Refurbs and Home Improvements

When we refurbish sections of our hotel, we always look to upcycle tired looking furniture to give it a new lease of life so our guests can continue enjoying it. For example, our recent refurbishments on the first floor of the hotel had us sanding and repainting side tables, desks and mirrors to modernise and refresh our furniture.

Upcycling your furniture is a simple and budget-friendly to give your home a new look repainting in a new colour or touching up well-worn family favourites from around the house.

4. Paper and Printing

Avoiding printing and using paper where possible is the most sustainable option, however when we do need to print we use recycled paper to ensure we are leaving a small as possible carbon footprint and avoid printing excessive number of menus for our restaurant to minimize waste.

Minimizing printing and opting for double sided when you do is an easy way to be kinder to the environment as well as using recycled paper and recycling it once it has served it's purpose for you.

5. Lighting and Energy Usage

Here at Bedruthan we are lucky, our building allows for lots of natural light. Our floor-to-ceiling windows mean we don't need to light our hotel during the day for the most part. Opening curtains and allowing natural light to flood your home not only saves your energy usage, it also is a great mood booster.

When you do use lighting, opting for energy efficient LED bulbs is a great way to reduce your energy usage at home.

Looking at the small things we can all do to be kinder to the environment soon adds up to a much better, eco-conscious lifestyle.


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