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Sensory Spa Garden

Nature-bathing Experiences

Amongst the fragrant herbs and flowers, find an outdoor experience inspired by the simple, sharp contrast between hot and cold. Seven stages at different temperatures: slowly warm up in the heated sauna... then suddenly drench yourself in ice water. It’s about that single moment of living clarity, that instant when the body feels most alive.

Open 10am to 5pm. Times may vary depending on the season so please check with the spa team.

a place for opening your senses to nature

How the garden works


Begin with a dry scrub

Exfoliation prepares the skin for treatment. Oat scrubs are mixed with pink Himalayan salt and then finished by adding foraged plants from the gardens: rosemary leaves, thyme sprigs and lavender. You can really smell the herbs.

warm up

Rinse off with a shower

Wash off the scrub and begin to gently warm the body through.

the hot

Heat up inside the cedar wood sauna

Now the temperature’s building. The Sensory Spa Garden sauna is also a place to wave-watch through the porthole, as the body opens up inside the 80°C heat.

the cold

Pull the cord for a cold bucket drench

“The contrast element.” But the temperature shock boosts circulation, releases endorphins and tightens the skin. Repeat those benefits in your head as you reach for the cord.

back to warmth

Dip into the outdoor hot tubs

Another contrast – but this one’s much, much easier. Here’s where you can sink into some idle time within the garden’s crisp air. Bathe in nature for a while.

cool down

Be left tingling with a wet scrub

Take a handful of seaweed scrub for one last refreshing of the skin.

A pregnancy-safe scrub is available if you are in your second or third trimester.

and finish

End at the fireside

Gather around the heat of the fire pit with bare feet dipped into a warm copper tub. Put a blanket over your shoulders and sip a hot, herbal tea.

Ready to try it for yourself?

Family Sensory Spa Garden

Our younger hotel guests can now make use of the Sensory Spa Garden, with family time in the Sensory Spa Garden each day at 1.30pm-2:00pm or 2:00pm-2:30pm. Families can book to spend time in the Spa Garden by heading to the spa desk on the day.

The experience lasts 30 minutes and is strictly subject to availability.

Family time in the Sensory Spa Garden is £5 per child and adults are free. This is for children ages 8 - 17 years old.

Please note that Family Sensory Spa Garden is only available during school holidays and selected dates, please contact the spa for details.

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