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Colourful, coastal and creative — since 1959.

Opened by a small group of tight friends, our place has always tried to be unlike any other hotel around.

a modern way of living

Back in 1959, we designed the building itself to echo California’s modern desert houses. We took Richard Neutra’s modern architecture of airy rooms, sliding doors and outdoor shaded terraces and brought it to the sunny Cornish coastline.

Then, inside, we outfitted the rooms with pieces of modern furniture from Denmark. Back in the 50s, importing and sourcing these Scandinavian designs was not cheap or easy — but it was an important part of our progressive, easy-living vision.

natural, pared-back days

But this wasn’t just about daring looks. This new, unusual retreat was a place to try on a more natural, pared-back way of life. We knew that there was something infinitely valuable about simple days near to nature, spent with friends and family. And we built somewhere for that.

This simple place has now been cared for by the same family for over 60 years. There have been a few changes here and there, but we hope that the original artistic spirit is still something that can be felt here today. And that a stay with us is as exciting, inspiring and restoring as it’s always been.

— Bedruthan


    Waves of Wellness Festival

    Immerse yourself in a weekend festival of wellness and creativity, surrounded by the stunning coastal scenery of Cornwall.