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Sustainability Practices at Bedruthan Kitchen

Written by Nat Louis

Since the concept of Ogo was first created, sustainability has been at the heart of what we do here. By holding ourselves accountable and observing our practices on a granular level, our team here can focus on creating a luxury dining experience that's kind to the environment we call home.

The Menus - At Ogo, the menus ebb and flow like the tide. Each day we carefully curate a menu based on the best available local produce. We allow our suppliers to guide us to produce that is in abundance, meaning we only serve the freshest fish, the finest veg and sustainable meats. This means the menu you see on your visit, may never exist again.

Second Uses - We collect shells from our seafood to be used as an alternative method of presenting dishes, however we often have left over shells which are used by our Create Cornwall team for crafting workshops.

Foraging - Our team are specially trained to collect locally sources produce and ingredients themselves. From sea purslane to stonecrop, by foraging ourselves we can be mindful or how much we are taking to ensure we are only using a sustainable amount and not damaging the eco-system around us.

Growing Our Own - We have created our own kitchen gardens which our kitchen staff are helping to maintain. By growing herbs and vegetables around the hotel gardens, we can contribute to the eco-system immediately surrounding us. As for fertilising these gardens, all our leftover fishbones and shells are blended to make bonemeal as an organic fertiliser for the soils.

Supporting Local Farmers And Producers - Using local farms and suppliers not only limits food miles, but also showcases the the great Cornish produce around us.

Buying Ethically And Sustainably - When we do have to outsource our produce, we ensure all meat has been sustainably farmed and treated humanely. Our fish are all line caught and we ensure that we only use fish rated zero on the Good Seafood Guide List to ensure we are only catching abundantly available fish.

Recycling And Composting - We recycle as much as possible, including returning packaging back to businesses to reuse on future orders. All food that can't be used is put into our composter in the hotel grounds, to be used in fertilising our kitchen gardens.