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Wellbeing by Bedruthan Spa

Hotel Guest Treatments

Let your coastal stay have an even greater restorative effect.

Add a spa treatment during your stay. Our therapists are a talented group of individual wellbeing experts, each with a unique background in different therapeutic disciplines. Here to listen and share, inspired to make wellbeing easier and more understandable.

Limited availability.

For hotel guests only. Please include the letters BH in front of the booking reference number found on your hotel confirmation letter.

* marks treatments safe during pregnancy (from 13 weeks)

# marks treatments safe during cancer care

Attuned Massages

Begin here. We call these “Attuned massages” because they begin with us listening to how you’re feeling, adapting our response just for you. Busy minds are stilled with slow-paced movements, while muscles are met with a massage that works to release tension.

Attuned Massage #

Our recommendation if you’re craving a massage, but aren’t exactly sure what kind.

Describe to us how you’d like us to help, then we’ll work to restore balance again. Every response is unique. Busy minds are stilled with slow-paced massages; stiff muscles are met with a massage that releases tension and knots.

Includes an Ayurvedic consultation.

60 minutes (part body, including 15-minute consultation) / £95 per person
90 minutes (full body, including 15-minute consultation) / £125 per person

Pregnancy Attuned Massage *#

A specialist version of our Attuned Massage suitable for those over 13 weeks pregnant.

Describe to us how you’d like us to help, then we’ll work to restore balance again. Every response is unique. Busy minds are stilled with slow-paced massages; stiff muscles are met with a massage that releases tension and knots.

Includes an Ayurvedic consultation.

60 minutes (part body, including 15-minute consultation) / £95 per person

90 minutes (full body, including 15-minute consultation) / £125 per person

‘Earth and Water’ Attuned Massage

A heated massage to release muscular tightness and long-set fatigue.

A hot body treatment for when you can feel it’s your muscles that need care. The heated ceramic pods are specifically-designed to reach deeper into tired and knotted muscles. While focused on the body, the continuous warm flow of the massage also brings peace to the mind. Or take it cold: Recommended for hot summer days, the ceramic pods can also be filled with cold water. The colder touch refreshes the body and increases blood circulation. An entirely different experience.

Includes an Ayurvedic consultation.

60 minutes / £100 per person
90 minutes / £130 per person

Facial Massages

Tula Facial *#

Only natural Ayurvedic products are used— that’s all we need to support the skin’s
own balance.

First, the face is gently cleansed and exfoliated to appear brighter, using only products that are wild-crafted (grown wildly in their natural habitat without pesticide). Ayurvedic massage techniques are used to relax the muscles: a Mukhabhyanga oil massage of the face, head, scalp and neck that works through simple repetition to increase circulation. Finishes with a cold compress to visibly enliven the skin.

Includes an Ayurvedic consultation.

60 minutes / £90 per person

Facial & Massage

Calming time within Bedruthan’s thermal spa, combined with our most invigorating treatments. Begin with a combination of our two most-popular and restorative treatments: a mini Tula Facial to leave the face visibly enlivened, with a short Attuned Massage to help you find balance where it is most needed.

60 minutes (30-minute massage and 30-minute facial).£100 per adult
90 minutes (30-minute massage and 60-minute facial). £130 per adult

Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurveda is a rich holistic system that’s about a more balanced way of living. Thousands of years old, it emphasises a natural self-understanding, helping you to maintain personal wellbeing whatever comes your way. These treatments are for immediate intervention, correcting any imbalance that you may be feeling.

If you’re new to Ayurveda, we recommend beginning with an Ayurvedic consultation to better understand the nuances of this holistic system.

Consultation *#

An introduction to Ayurvedic wellbeing.

Start here first. We’ll talk about the Indian holistic system and discover your dosha type: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Using this knowledge, you’ll learn how Ayurveda can support more healthy living in the long term. We’ll discuss what adjustments you can make to your lifestyle for maximum effect — and what to do if things ever feel off-balance.

30 minutes / £30 per person.


Combined head and foot massage.

A grounding combination that connects the top and bottom of the body, leaving you feeling centred. Shirobhyanga is an Ayurvedic head, neck and arm oil massage that releases muscular tensions, while the therapist’s soft touch helps to bring stillness to the mind. Then, Padabhyanga works where body meets ground: a massage to ease aches out of the leg muscles, followed by a Marma energy point massage on the feet.

60 minutes / £95 per person


Combined head and face massage.

A massage fully focused around the head, designed to brighten both physical appearance and mental energy. MukhaShiro begins with the Shirobhyanga – working around the neck, shoulder and upper arm muscles to sooth and soften. Then, attention turns to the head and face: the Mukhabhyana is a Marma point facial massage experienced while lying flat. Repeated movements refresh facial muscles — but also make it feel like something within the mind is being slowly unwound.

60 minutes / £95 per person


Combined face and foot massage.

We find foot and facial massages often imbue a greatest sense of calm: these areas feature the highest concentration of Marma points, crucial energy junctures within the Ayurvedic understanding of the body. Mukhabhyana is the facial component, rhythmically massaging facial muscles while nourishing skin health with herbal oils. Padabhyanga is a pressure massage of the sole of the foot, alongside a lower leg massage that soothes away the fatigue that comes from carrying the body.

60 minutes / £95 per person


Full body massage.

Bring scattered mental energy back into calming focus. Translating from Sanskrit to mean “every limb”, Sarvanga is an Ayurvedic full-body oil massage with each stroke in the same downward direction. Finished with a Mukhabhyanga facial massage to bring a complete sense of calm. This treatment is an Ayurvedic recommendation for those struggling to sleep, particularly when repeated over a course of a few days.

90 minutes / £135 per person

Hot Poultice

A warming, powerful massage.

This treatment has a long history, being used to soothe the aches of soldiers in the 14th century. We use our own recipe of heated herb and oat-filled poultices, wonderful for relieving aches and pains and deep seated tension. The medicinal heat will relax and soothe muscles and stimulate blood flow as the herbs nourish your skin.

45 minutes. £95 per person

75 minutes. £125 per person

Bathing Experiences

Drawing upon the simple wellbeing that comes from time in the sea air. A great deal of these treatment’s effectiveness come from the soothing sounds of the Atlantic waves, and gulls.

Sensory Spa Garden

A back-to-nature spa experiment inspired by Nordic thermal therapies.

Amongst the fragrant herbs and flowers, find an outdoor experience inspired by the simple, sharp contrast between hot and cold. Seven stages at different temperatures: slowly warm up in the heated sauna, then suddenly pull the cord for a cold bucket drench. It’s about that single moment of living clarity, that instant when the body feels most alive.

60 minutes / £45 per person (*# adapted 13)

The Sensory Spa Garden is closed on Tuesdays.

Family Sensory Spa Garden

An adapted experience for our younger guests.

Under 17s can now enjoy the Sensory Spa Garden with family. To book, please head to the spa desk on the day you would like to use the Spa Garden.

The family spa experience is 30 minutes and will run at 2:00pm and 2:30pm, availability is limited so we are unable to accept pre-bookings for this experience.

£5 per child, adults will not be charged

The Sensory Spa Garden is closed on Tuesdays.

Please note that Family Sensory Spa Garden is only available during school holidays and selected dates, please contact the spa for details.

Shared Hammam

A gentle shared heat experiences.

Take it in turns to be the hammam therapist. The hammam chamber will be all yours, though we’ll explain how to best slather the mud and scrub the skin. Each gets time lying on the heated ceramic bed, while the other carefully applies the mineral mud mixture and aromatic scrub.

45 minutes / £60 per couple

To book please call 01637 861 219 or email [email protected]

Touchless Treatments

Citta Guided Meditation *#

Instead of working upon the body, this new touch-free treatment emphasises the restorative effects of slowing the mind.

Amongst modern life’s distractions, meditation offers a more mindful way of moving through the world. There’s a natural power inside its focus: by spending time within your mind, you better learn how to remove stress, control anxiety and retain mental clarity. To prepare, we’ll work together to slow your pace with gentle movement, self-care routines, guided breathing and self-massage techniques. Then, we’ll settle a session of guided meditation. This will give you fundamentals on which to build your own solo practice.

Includes a pot of all-purpose healing balm to continue self-care at home.

60 minutes / £55 per person

More to find

Weekday runaways and weekend retreats. Come as a group or sneak away by yourself.

Find the Sensory Spa Garden out in the Atlantic air. This outdoor experience is inspired by the simple, sharp contrast between hot and cold.