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Allow us to create the perfect setting to inspire your inner artist and produce a memento of your time with us. Our carefully curated craft and art workshops are perfect for switching the modern brain off from daily chaos and stress and tuning into a mindful reset and embracing the calming affects of creativity.


Alula Collections

Alula Collections emerged out of the pandemic as Female founder Ellea, sought to raise money for the NHS throughout covid. Alula means ‘first leap’ in Arabic, and epitomises the brand completely.

Ellea’s positivity and love of life is perfectly encapsulated in her jewellery. Inspired by the ocean, Alula Collections treasures are certain to inject some fun into your life.

Beading Workshop Join Ellea and curate your own unique pieces. Ellea will teach you how to bead, be on hand to give advice on colours and patterns but ultimately this is your chance to get creative. Feel inspired by the Cornish coastline and channel that into your jewellery.

Art as Therapy

Lu Cornish

Lu is a water loving illustrator, creating empowering feminist art that celebrates the magic, folklore and joy of the ocean. A mental health crisis forced her to revaluate the important things in her life. She quit her job, jumped in the sea, picked up a pencil and started to draw for the first time in over a decade. Using art as therapy a riot of emotion, colour and love was born. Her illustrations tell beautiful stories that celebrate the wild magic that lives inside you. In a world that too often tells people they are not good enough she wants to remind them they are a magnificent force of nature: As gorgeous as the setting sun, as breath-taking as a cold wave splashing your skin.

Art as Therapy Introducing Lu Cornish, a passionate advocate for mental wellness and artistic expression. With a profound understanding of the therapeutic benefits of art, Lu is excited to invite you to join her workshop at the upcoming wellness festival.

Lu brings a unique blend of expertise to the table. With a background in graphic design she is a full time illustrator and small creative business owner. Navigating the challenges of living a full life with mental illness she explores the transformative power of creativity as a tool for personal growth and healing.

In Lu’s workshop, participants will be encouraged to find a flow state, to relax and accept themselves through artistic expression. Through guided exercises and gentle encouragement, attendees will be introduced to the innate healing properties of creativity to navigate life's challenges, reduce stress, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. Drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and practical techniques, Lu will lead participants allowing each individual to explore their emotions, thoughts, and experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

Whether you're a seasoned creative or a complete beginner, this workshop offers a welcoming space for all to explore the intersection of creativity and mental wellness.


    Waves of Wellness Festival

    Immerse yourself in a weekend festival of wellness and creativity, surrounded by the stunning coastal scenery of Cornwall.