Our collection of spa treatments allow our therapists to work uniquely with you. We’ll talk more on the day, creating an individual therapy that is perfect for you.

As you might expect, our treatment menu is currently not quite its full self. We’ve focused on a core collection of relaxing, peaceful treatments that can be delivered safely.

For our guest with particular needs, we’ve pinpointed some treatments specifically suited to you:

* A treatment perfect for mums-to-be
** A treatment to enjoy during any cancer care, given by a specially trained therapist

Body and Massage Rituals

Simply Oula Facial and Massage – 90 mins – £135**
The perfect combination to ease a busy mind and soften the edges. Switch off with this massage and facial, awaken with illuminated skin, feeling light and restored! 

Oula Massage – 60/75/90mins – £85/£95/£110**
Oula embraces massage therapy in it’s most natural form keeping the wisdom of therapeutic touch at its heart with an aim to restore natural balance. Each massage will focus on the areas you need it to as you unwind and return to your best self!

Face Treatments

Oula Facial – 60mins – £90 */** 
Nourish your skin with this Omega rich facial, including hot and cold elements to wake up and combat tired skin. Intuitive massage, exfoliation and mask techniques designed to lock in moisture, balance and smooth your complexion. 


We’ve worked with specialists to create a beautiful treatment to suit you and your bump during pregnancy.

Your wellbeing is important to us: our spa reservations team will work with you to design a safe and nurturing spa experience. Please speak to us about how many weeks pregnant you expect to be on arrival in the spa and we will ensure a blissful spa journey.

First trimester

Oula Facial – 60mins– £90 */** 

We suggest letting your body be. Care for yourself with an Oula Facial, letting tension release through your neck and jaw. Cleanses and brightens your skin.

For second and third trimester

Oula Pregnancy Massage – 60/75/90mins – £85/£95/£110 */**

Be truly cared for during your pregnancy. This treatment is filled with benefits: it relaxes muscles, improves postures and reduces oedema. Gentle touch also helps to alleviate aches and pains that may occur during you pregnancy.

Oula Pregnancy Massage and Facial 90mins – £110 */**

Combine an Oula Facial and Oula Pregnancy Massage to create a deeply relaxing whole body experience.

Each pregnancy therapy begins with a beautiful foot bath to relax you whilst you have a 15-minute personal consultation with your specialist.


Couple’s Hammam – 45mins – £70 per couple

Experience the age-old pleasure of getting messy together. Give each other a scrub and mud treatment in our wonderfully warm hammam room. The heat opens your pores and relaxes your muscles. Scrub each other all over with our invigorating Oula scrub, then slather on some sumptuous and rehydrating Oula body mud.

Sensory Spa Garden

A trip through the garden gate – 60mins – £45

Invigorate all of your senses in our Sensory Spa Garden, inspired by fire, earth, water, air and space. You will move through seven stages, each drawing on the sights, sounds, aromas and textures of nature.

The hour Sensory Spa Garden experience includes exfoliating salt scrubs, a cedar wood sauna, a cold drench (for the brave) and deep, restorative outdoor hot tubs. Afterwards, sit around our fire pit with your feet immersed in hot, copper foot baths and sip a hot, herbal drink.

The experience will leave your body detoxified and renewed and your skin soft and refreshed. Please click here for more information.

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The Scarlet Spa

Did you know about our sister spa at The Scarlet? Set within a beautiful, adults only eco hotel with stunning sea-views, it is an Ayurvedic-inspired spa. Day packages start from £175pp.

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