Invigorate all your senses with our one-hour Spa Garden Experience inspired by fire, earth, water, air and space.

Our Sensory Spa Garden is an hour-long, seven-stage experience that will take you through seven stages designed to detoxify and renew your body.

Each stage draws on the sights, sounds, aromas and textures of nature, and the refreshing properties of our sea air.

  1. Starting cool, a dry salt scrub in our gently heated stone room exfoliates and prepares your skin.
  2. Then get warmer in our outdoor shower, washing off the salt and preparing your body for heat.
  3. Move to our sea-view cedar wood sauna. The 80 degree heat will open your pores and slow your mind, allowing you to enjoy some deep relaxation.
  4. Next, a cold drench under our bucket shower. With your core temperature still warm after the sauna, the cold water will leave your skin tingling and alive.
  5. Fully immerse yourself in one of our deep, cedar wood hot tubs. Enjoy the muscle-relaxing heat, the beautiful surroundings and the aromas of our scented garden.
  6. With a final wet-scrub using our oil, seaweed and salt scrub in the shower room, your skin will be treated to a full cleanse and you’ll be left feeling soft and nourished.
  7. Lastly, sit around our fire with your feet immersed in a warm copper footbath and enjoy a hot, herbal drink.


The Spa Garden is available as part of one of our lovely new Day Spa Packages, starting from £55 and for hotel guests the Spa Garden costs £45. Our Sensory Spa Garden is open from 10am – 18:00 daily (This is an hour long experience, the last booking slot is at 18:45).

To book call us on 01637 861 219 or email, our team are available from 8:30am-7:30pm every day.

Sensory Spa Garden: Day Packages

Elemental Day Spa

Contrast indoors and outdoors with our brand new thermal day spa experience. Arrive to a welcome drink in our stunning sea-view spa lounge and take the time to relax. Enjoy the hour-long, seven-stage Sensory Spa Garden. Enjoy a half day use (from 10am or from 2pm) of the indoor facilities including our lavender caldarium, giant hydropool, eucalyptus steam room and cedar wood sauna.

£55 per person, to book call us on 01637 861 219 or email

Fundamental Day Spa

Arrive to a welcome drink in our sea-view spa lounge, experience the hour-long, seven-stage Sensory Spa Garden and enjoy a half day’s use (from 10am or 2pm) of the indoor lavender caldarium, giant hydropool, eucalyptus steam room and cedar wood sauna. After the relaxing and detoxifying thermal experiences, enjoy an hour long Oula massage tailored to you by our expert therapists. You will feel renewed.

£125 per person, call us on 01637 861 219 or email