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The Art of Sauna

30th June, 14th July
2.30pm - 3.30pm
Alternatively call 01637 861219 or email [email protected] to book.

a place for opening your senses to nature

How the sessions work


Begin with a dry scrub

Exfoliation prepares the skin for treatment. Oat scrubs are mixed with pink Himalayan salt and then finished by adding foraged plants from the gardens: rosemary leaves, thyme sprigs and lavender. You can really smell the herbs.

warm up

Rinse off with a shower

Wash off the scrub and begin to gently warm the body through.

Heat up

Warm up inside the cedar wood sauna

Now the temperature’s building. The Sensory Spa Garden sauna is also a place to wave-watch through the porthole, as the body opens up inside the 80°C heat.

the cold

Submerge yourself in the outdoor pool

“The contrast element” involves a temperature shock that boosts circulation, releases endorphins, and tightens the skin. Our in-house host, will be available to provide breathwork coaching and tips to help you regulate your breathing.

back to warmth

Dip into the outdoor hot tubs

Another contrast – but this one’s much, much easier. Here’s where you can sink into some idle time within the garden’s crisp air. Bathe in nature for a while.

and finish

End at the fireside

Gather around the heat of the fire pit with bare feet dipped into a warm copper tub. Put a blanket over your shoulders and sip a hot, herbal tea.

Need to knows

  • Available for adults only.
  • These sessions are for males only.
  • This offer doesn't include use of the pool and spa facilities.
  • Food is not included with this experience.
  • Available on 30th June and 14th July only.
  • Maximum group size is 12 people.
  • Subject to availability and amendment.
  • Please note that any cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice will be still be chargeable at full rate. If you need to alter your booking, please contact us as soon as possible; however, we are unable to amend your spa experience within 48 hours of your appointment time.