Rainy day off screen activities for children
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Rainy day off screen activities for children

The weather is wet and wild, the kids are bored and you want them to have some time away from the iPad or TV. Well we have put together a handy list of activities that you can use to keep the little ones entertained:

  • Crafts are a brilliant idea for keeping little creatives occupied. From slime making to cardboard creations to jewellery making, there’s always something new to try and create.
  • Card and board games are fun for all of the family. Dig out your old board games, a deck of cards or even snap and challenge someone to a game.
  • Hide and seek is an age-old classic and hours of entertainment, especially if people are very good at hiding. Children can play it with brothers, sisters, friends or even get the parents involved.
  • Building a fort is a great activity to keep a group busy and having fun. Grab some blankets, pegs, string and some cushions to make a cosy little den. Why not add some extra touches like fairy lights whilst you’re at it.
  • Reading is a lovely way for grown-ups to spend time with children, as well as a nice way to encourage older children to give it a go on their own. Let your children delve into another world and use their imaginations with a good book.
  • Treasure Hunts around the house are great fun, but also take some planning. Parents or older siblings will need to put their thinking caps on and come up with some clues. Then let the hunt for treasure begin!
  • Painting, drawing or even a good colouring book can keep the little ones entertained for hours. So get your best set of paints, pencils or pens out and get creative.
  • Cooking is an ideal rainy day activity that all the family can get involved in. So take a recipe book out and see what you can make together. The best part is the taste test at the end, you could even make extra to share with friends.

If those ideas aren’t enough, here’s a handy poster of ‘101 things to do when your kids say that they are bored’. Also over on our YouTube channel we have a playlist packed with all sorts of crafts videos.