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Working here isn't a job it's a lifestyle choice...

Written by Nat Louis

Working at Bedruthan and Scarlet is about building relationships with great, like-minded folk in a people-centric environment where we lift each other up. No one better understands this ethos than Becci, one of our spa therapists who relocated from South Wales to Cornwall.

What drew you to work at Scarlet & Bedruthan?

'Having been a therapist for 15 years, this was the first therapist role that got me really excited in a while. Working in such a unique collection of spas, in such a wonderful part of the country, I got really excited to learn about Ayurveda and include this in my treatments. During the interview process, and meeting the team I felt so welcome and was really interested to learn from everyone here.'

What has been your favourite part of relocating?

'Since relocating to Newquay I have felt so lucky to be so close to the sea. Everyday I feel so grateful to look at the sea, just on my commute alone I feel like I see the ocean more than most people will in a year! The pace of life here is much slower. I finally feel like I have time to do things like sitting on the beach with my tea, reading my book and just appreciating the views. It's just really really beautiful.'

Since joining the team what have you enjoyed the most?

'It's such a lovely group here, I feel like everyone here has such unique skills and comes from such interesting walks of life. I am really enjoying learning about Ayurveda and learning from the team around me I feel like they have so much to offer. I love that the company is people-focussed, with so much emphasis on looking after yourself at work.'