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Why you’ll both love a shared Hammam experience

Treating yourself to a spa day is the perfect way to restore your sense of wellbeing, especially when you share the experience with a loved one.

Therapies designed for two, such as our shared Hammam treatment, are great fun, take care of your skin, and allow all the stresses of daily life to melt away.

The word Hammam means ‘spread of warmth’ and originates from the Turkish Ottoman period, when people would gather together in local baths to use heat as a therapy, releasing toxins and relieving stress. As tradition, our own Hammam is beautifully warm, but will be exclusively yours to use as you both experience the age-old pleasure of getting messy together!

A guide to our shared Hammam experience

A shared Hammam works a little differently to a therapist-led treatment, giving you the freedom to move at your own pace and have some light-hearted fun, whilst reaping all the benefits of a spa treatment. The heat opens your pores and relaxes your muscles, and the products provide complete nourishment and rehydration for your skin.

One of our friendly spa team will greet and guide you to the Hammam room, before providing you with bowls of our handcrafted mud and scrub. Each contains purely organic ingredients that are produced by local artisans and developed by our very own therapists. The mud combines tropical aromatics and local kaolin clay, which re-mineralises and detoxifies your skin, and the scrub gently exfoliates, leaving you feeling silky smooth. You’ll have guidance and tips on how to perform the treatment on each other, but as this is a relaxed activity you’re welcome to freestyle as much as you like.

Whoever is having the treatment first simply lies back on the heated, marble Hammam bed and relaxes, whilst the other takes a scoop of the sumptuous Oula mud, slathers it onto the skin and starts to massage it in from head to toe. Play around with circular movements or long sweeps up the body, and swap once happy. Don’t worry about getting messy or if you’re compelled to have a spontaneous mud fight, it’s all part of the fun! Once covered you rinse with warm water, before repeating the process with the invigorating Oula scrub. You’ll both leave the Hammam feeling entirely refreshed.

Just the two of us

The beauty of a shared Hammam is that it’s great for couples or friends looking for a fun treat. Friends will enjoy the light-hearted fun this experience brings. Make a day of it by catching up over lunch with views of the ocean, or by indulging in some time in our indoor spa.

Couples can use this treatment as a lovely way to reconnect, making the day as romantic as you would like. Leave the Hammam walking on air, feeling refreshed and ready for a cosy night in, before taking a long walk along the beach together, feeling soothed by the rhythmic murmur of the waves.

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