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Ogo at Bedruthan

Written by Georgia Cummings

Our head chef George Richardson in conversation about our recent launch of the new Bedruthan Hotel dining experience - Ogo. Rooted in Cornish culture, from the name ‘Ogo’ - meaning cave in Cornish - to the dedication in sourcing and foraging from Cornwall’s vibrant natural eco-system, we invite you to connect with Cornwall through food, and immerse yourself in a feast of sea, garden and field.

What was the inspiration behind the Ogo (formerly herring) re-brand?

We decided that our food culture needed a shake up. We wanted to put real thought into where we source our ingredients. How its produced? Where was the hake landed? What farm did the beef come from? I wanted to showcase good, seasonal ingredients & cook with the very best I could find. We spent a lot of time going to new suppliers, building new relationships and learning about the brilliant produce we have on our doorstep. We met with experts in sustainable fishing so we could find out what we could do to help preserve Cornish fish for future generations. We are spending time preserving, fermenting & pickling ingredients that are in peak seasons so we can serve them to guests all year round.

What can customers expect from their dining experience at Ogo?’

Our guests at Ogo should expect hyper-seasonal produce, cooked simply and served for the table to share. We don’t hide behind fancy cooking techniques or follow trends. We cook the best produce we get from our network of great suppliers.

Why do you feel it’s important to have local seasonal produce on the menu?

I think Cornwall has some of the best produce you can find. Great seafood caught off the coasts. Local farms producing vegetables and salads fresh from the ground. Great meat that’s been reared on the moors. Serving food that’s in season makes my job so much easier, as we let the produce speak for itself.

Why do you feel it’s important to have a strong focus on sustainability at Ogo?

I think having a strong focus on sustainability across the whole business is important. We have made small steps in Ogo to help us become more sustainable and environment conscious. For example, all of our waste goes into compost that’s used on the grounds. We recycle as much waste as we can; the Create team take our shells and use them for their craft sessions. We have started to look into our suppliers and see what they are doing to help the environment. We visited Mora Farm; Oli is doing some fantastic work on his land to protect it for years to come. We chose to move away from smoked salmon, which has had a negative impact in the past few years. All these changes aren’t going to change the world, but focusing on making the right choices, and caring about what we are doing, will start to make positive changes for the future.

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