At Bedruthan Hotel & Spa, we’re committed to being as sustainable as we can be. We do this by minimising as much as we can any negative impact we might have on our local environment.

Our sustainability policy is a natural extension of our company ethos. Its aim is to give our guests, staff, and suppliers an overview of our on-going commitment to reducing our negative environmental impacts, and enhancing our surroundings.

Our Sustainability Policy
At Red Hotels Ltd we have taken responsibility for reducing the negative impacts our actions and activities have on the environment and our local community. Our ‘Cherish Our World’ ethos, which is embraced by our whole team, is not simply something that we feel is right, it has become part of our way of life and way of work.

Our aim is to create memorable holidays, experiences and escapes that don’t cost the earth and we have dared to be different in our approach:

  • We source responsibly, scratching beneath the surface and considering the life cycle of the products and services we purchase.
  • Our waste management system enables us to send minimal waste to landfill.
  • We monitor our energy usage and aim to reduce our carbon footprint year-on-year.
  • We create rather than consume.
  • We aim to inspire all who come into contact with us to make positive changes in their own lives or businesses.
  • We are ground-breaking and innovative in our decision-making, continuously playing with the ‘norms’ associated with 4* hospitality.
  • We pause to reflect on our decisions to ensure that we can stand by them.
  • We acknowledge our guilty pleasures and mistakes, and celebrate the learning they bring.
  • We are true to our values, resilient to challenge and committed to what we do.

Although we know that at times it can be difficult or frustrating, we will always strive to improve, ensuring that we deliver a high quality, sustainability-conscious businesses.

Below are a few examples of some of the things we do live up to our Sustainability Policy:

We ask our suppliers to deliver their products to us in as little packaging as possible. The waste we do produce is recycled wherever possible – and this isn’t just limited to tins, cans and plastic bottles – we even recycle all of our old mattresses and cooking oil. Used guest soap bars are recycled for use as our laundry soap. We have compost heaps on site, where we put used tea leaves and coffee grounds from our restaurants, seaweed from our Spa and our garden waste.  Guests are encouraged to help us keep our waste to a minimum by using the recycling bins around the hotel (and in the car park for the packaging from any snacks that might have enjoyed in the car on the way here). We also have a box where unwanted beach toys can be left behind at the end of the holiday for other families to enjoy.

Saving Energy
Our building consumes a lot of energy. We purchase our electricity through Good Energy, whose tariff comes from 100% renewable sources within the UK. Our team monitors energy meters once a week, and we produce an annual report of our carbon footprint. Electricity in our guest rooms is controlled by key cards, so when guests leave their rooms, they can be confident that they are keeping their footprint small. In our main kitchen we have set up a system where we use the waste energy from our fridges to heat the hot water – the energy saved by doing this is equivalent to the energy used to boil 3,250 full kettles of water each day.

Water conservation
We operate a linen and towel change policy, where our guests decide when they would like their bedding and towels swapped for fresh.  We don’t use tablecloths in either of our restaurants, which means that we use less water and energy for our laundry.  Our toilets have dual flush options and small cisterns, and our taps and showers are fitted with aerators.

Natural environment
We leave sections of our grounds to grow wild, including the green roof over the Villa Suites, and encourage the growth of a variety of wildflowers.  By doing this, we hope to see the return of more indigenous butterflies, bumblebees, moths, lizards and small mammals to our area of coastline. We have bird boxes dotted around the grounds of the hotel. We have successfully established new landscaping mimicking the sand dunes, allowing us to provide a variety of habitats and we’re continuing this development around the hotel.

Community Fund/Hour
Red Hotels (Bedruthan and its sister hotel, The Scarlet) have set up a Community Fund/Hour that funds new or existing projects in our parish that contribute to improving the local natural environment, or provide a social benefit to people living in the area.  The fund is made up of donations given by our guests through our Guest Gifting Scheme.

Our Guest Gifting Scheme enables our guests to give back to charities that support different environmental projects on the North Coast.  These charities include: the National Trust’s work at Carnewas (around the corner from us), CoaST: One Planet Tourism Network and Surfers Against Sewage. As a hotel, we are committed to engaging with and promoting responsible tourism practices, which is why we encourage our guests to donate to responsible causes.

We operate a Buy Local Policy and source our consumables from local suppliers. This applies to food and drink, building materials, printing, stationery and other general supplies.  We not only purchase products from local suppliers but we also seek to foster relationships with them, allowing us to give and receive constructive feedback and advice, which in turn helps them and us to become better business partners.

Our hotel facilities are open to non-residents, and we hold regular events that involve our community such as our biannual Mid-Century and Vintage Fairs and Contemporary Craft Fairs. During the low season, we offer discounts in our Spa for locals, and we offer memberships to our gym and swimming pool. Our two restaurants are open to non-residents as well. We hold a bimonthly coffee morning for the Silver Surfers of the Mawgan Porth community.

We operate a Charitable Request Policy to respond to the numerous requests asking for support for a particular charitable causes.  As an organization, we set out a policy to support local charities wherever possible, particularly those that will benefit a large number of people in Cornwall and the South West, or those that will benefit the natural environment in the South West. We also aim to support any charitable initiative that our staff are involved in. In 2016 we donated £3,300 worth of goods and services for local fundraising events.

We are keen to share best practice with others, and we often host visits from students from local colleges and other buisnesses to talk about some of the things we do and why being a sustainable business is so important to us and the planet. We are Ambassadors for the Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Partnership (CoaST) and are often invited to participate in and speak at events that both educate other businesses and work towards a sustainable future for Cornwall and the South West.

We are proud to be Business Members of Cornwall Wildlife Trust. As Cornwall’s leading local wildlife charity, the Trust carries out vitally important conservation and educational work throughout the county. Our support helps the Trust manage 57 nature reserves, providing refuge for nationally rare and endangered species. Cornwall Wildlife Trust runs a number of conservation projects across the county, on land and in our seas. We are very happy to help raise much needed funds for the Trust, so it can continue to protect Cornwall’s wildlife and wild places, now and for the future.



We are proud to have been awarded both a gold grading from Green Tourism along with a highly commended Gold Star award in November, 2014.