Our collection of spa therapies is inspired by nature and has been carefully combined to offer a choice for men and women of all ages. Our therapies include facials, specialist pregnancy treatments, skin rejuvenating seaweed wraps and scrubs.

Hands and Feets

Natural Hand Treatment – 30mins – £35
Organic ingredients are combined with massage for naturally beautiful hands.
Your hands will be soaked in Himalayan salts, and then nails are filed and perfected with a slice of lime. Hands are then gently exfoliated with a sweet orange scrub before an extended massage, from elbows to fingertips. Finish with a spritz of Indonesian elixir.

Natural Foot Treatment – 30mins – £35
Organic ingredients are combined with massage for naturally beautiful feet.
Your feet will be soaked in Himalayan salts and then gently exfoliated with a wild peppermint scrub. Smooth, they soak up the shea butter, peppermint and geranium foot balm during a sole-soothing knee to toe massage. We will brighten up your nails with a slice of citrus and finish with a spritz of Himalayan elixir.

Uplifting Botanical Ritual: Hands and arms – 60mins – £55
Perfect for hardworking hands, natural and organic luxury sweet orange and neroli range will nourish your hands and arms, preventing dehydrated skin and brittle nails. After a salt-soak, we will buff any hard skin and perfect your nails with a slice of lime. We will then gently exfoliate your hands with a sweet orange scrub and a specialist massage will stimulate the cuticles for stronger nails. Next, an Indonesian oil massage from elbow to fingertips promotes circulation before the moisture is locked in with luxury, organic hand balm.

Refreshing Botanical Ritual: Feet, shoulders and neck – 60mins – £55
Take the weight off your hardworking feet and relieve tension from the shoulders and neck, exotic aromas and organic ingredients will leave you feeling light and energised. We’ll soak your feet in Himalayan salts and fresh mint leaves while massaging your neck, shoulders and arms. Say goodbye to sore or tough skin with our triple exfoliation and melting massage balm and mask. Our wild peppermint foot scrub leaves your feet smooth and glowing, while our massage stimulates the cuticles for healthier nails. A knee-to-toe oil massage promotes circulation before the moisture is locked in with luxury, organic foot balm.

Extra touches…

Intensive Moisture Treatment – 15mins – £20
Incorporate this within any of the hands and feet treatments. Pinks Balm is generously massaged into the skin, then we slide your hands into cotton gloves or bamboo socks and heated mitts to increase the absorption. Keep your gloves or socks to use again at home.

Colour – 15mins – £15
Add a touch of colour to any treatment. We use ethically sourced Vegan SpaRitual polish, choose a colour you love and keep the polish to use again at home!

Body Treatments

Ila Couples Chakra Wellbeing – 120mins – £130 each
Specially designed for couples to experience together, this treatment focuses on three chakras – sacral, heart and crown – to re-balance energy flows and stimulate the feel-good hormone oxytocin. Using a combination of rose, orange blossom and jasmine oils, this exquisite treatment is a beautiful connection of mind, body and spirit and includes the ancient ritual of synchronised oil pouring – a wonderful way to spend some precious quality time together.

Ila Prana Vitality Body Treatment – 75mins – £85
For couples – 75mins – £85 each
This energizing and uplifting treatment focuses on stimulating the flow of prana, or life force. The massage uses firm pressure to release deep-seated tension from the body and includes an abdominal massage to improve digestion and encourage body detoxification.

Hot Poultice Massage – 60mins – £75
The body is massaged with warm poultices containing aromatic Thai herbs, roots and flowers. The kneading of the poultice releases therapeutic oils that soothe and nourish the skin resulting in a deep state of relaxation. This unusual but exquisite treatment originated in Thailand and has a similar effect to hot stones.

Ila Kundalini Back Treatment – 60mins – £75
Ila Kundalini With Rose Facial Massage – 75mins – £85
This is a gentle and nurturing treatment that uses chakra and sound healing to activate and channel the Kundalini – the dormant energy at the base of the spine. This treatment is ideal for emotionally exhausted souls as it calms the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, including your ‘fight or flight’ response. This soothing treatment aims to bring your body back into a state of balance and awareness by focusing on the back and the backs of legs while lifting tension while releasing built-up emotion and anxiety.

Ila Chakra Wellbeing – 120mins – £130
Our therapists tailor ila’s exquisite chakra wellbeing therapy individually to each recipient. Based around seven blends of chakra-balancing essential oils, each bespoke treatment works across the whole body to relax tense muscles, de-stress the nervous system, improve lymphatic drainage and heal and rebalance body chakras. The treatment also involves a full body scrub and the ancient ritual of pouring warm oil over the third eye to calm the mind and restore body balance.


Hammam – 45mins – £70
Our therapist-led hammam treatment begins with a body exfoliation followed by a conditioning body mask using Oula scrub and mud designed by our team of therapists. The treatment detoxifies and rehydrates your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and refreshed. Your therapist will also wash and condition your hair – a lovely, gentle and nurturing experience.

Couple’s Hammam – 45mins – £70 per couple
Experience the age-old pleasure of getting messy together. Give each other a scrub and mud treatment in our wonderfully warm hammam room. The heat opens your pores and relaxes your muscles. Scrub each other all over with our invigorating Oula scrub, then slather on some sumptuous and rehydrating Oula body mud.

Friends’ Hammam – 45mins – £70 for two, £85 for three, £105 for four
Great fun for friends and a lovely way to celebrate with a bride-to-be. Each of you can let your inner child out to play as you get messy together, giving yourselves a scrub and mud treatment in our wonderfully warm hammam room where the heat opens your pores and relaxes your muscles to maximize the benefits of the treatment. For a maximum of four people.

Our scrub and mud used in these treatments was designed by our team of therapists. Ethically sourced, made locally and harnessing our Cornish roots, we decided to call them Oula, which is Cornish for owl.

Sensory Spa Garden

Invigorate all of your senses in our Sensory Spa Garden, inspired by fire, earth, water, air and space. You will move through seven stages, each drawing on the sights, sounds, aromas and textures of nature.

The hour Spa Garden experience includes exfoliating salt scrubs, a cedar wood sauna, a cold drench (for the brave) and deep, restorative outdoor hot tubs. Afterwards, sit around our fire pit with your feet immersed in hot, copper foot baths and sip a hot, herbal drink.

The experience will leave your body detoxified and renewed and your skin soft and refreshed. Prices vary, please click here for more information.

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Working with organic skincare experts Pai, we have created Pregnancy Perfect, a carefully crafted special experiences to calm and support you during your pregnancy. Our range of pregnancy treatments are inspired by mums, guided by qualified doulas and delivered by our skilful therapists.

To find out how we can best support you, we’ve been working with mums, natural skincare experts and pregnancy yoga tutors to create an extensive range of relaxing and restorative therapies that can be tailored to meet your exact needs. All with the gentlest and purest skincare products that have been carefully formulated to restore balance to your skin.

Each therapy begins with a foot soak and 15 minute personal consultation with your pregnancy specialist. Choose from:

45 minute therapy time with two treatments £70
60 minute therapy time with up to three treatments £85
90 minute therapy time with up to four treatments £120

Choose from the following treatments:

Nurture Me – Body Massage
Relaxes your muscles improving posture, reducing oedema and cramps, and aiding the removal of toxins to alleviate aches and pains during your pregnancy.

Beautiful Bump – Body Wrap
Conditions your bump, helping to reduce the visible effects of the stretching skin and providing long-lasting skin nourishment.

Restore & Regenerate – Facial
Revitalises dull skin, tightens and tones facial muscles to reveal a smooth luminous complexion.

Sooth & Smooth – Body Scrub
This gentle body scrub removes dead skin, regenerating new cells and leaves the skin soft, smooth and revitalised.

Inner Smile – Facial Massage
Improves elasticity and skin condition, by removing impurities and toxins to leave the skin plump and stimulated.

Slumber – Warm Oil Scalp Massage
Brings peace and tranquillity by calming the mind. Our warm oil scalp massage allows you to relax and get back in touch with your spiritual side, relieving tension on the scalp and neck muscles.

In Room Treatments

Our creative team of holistic therapists can come to you, should you wish to experience a treatment in the privacy of your own room.

Seated Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage – 30mins – £45
A powerful stress relieving treatment carried out while you sit upright. This massage focuses on the upper back, shoulders, head and face, and is wonderful for releasing neck and shoulder tension.

Foot and Lower Leg Massage – 30mins – £45
A grounding and refreshing massage. Lie back and allow us to nurture your lower legs and feet. Within half an hour, you’ll feel as though you’re are walking on air.

Facial Massage – 30mins – £45
Our face and jaw hold tension connected to many other areas of our body. This relaxing massage will ease tensions around your scalp and jaw, reduce puffiness around your eyes and help you to think a little more clearly. A wonderful treatment for anyone who suffers from blocked sinuses or headaches.

Face Treatments

Ila Ananda Face Therapy – 60mins – £75
Ananda means ‘divine bliss’ in Sanskrit, and this gentle facial uses ancient massage techniques to cleanse the skin and promote feelings of deep peace. By improving circulation, this treatment can reduce redness and inflammation, and help to restore any hormonal imbalances that may be telling on your skin. This treatment leaves your skin beautifully soft and glowing, and can be enjoyed during all trimesters of pregnancy.

Illuminating Botanical Facial – 60mins – £70 
Camelia, rose and orange blossom combine in this facial designed to support all sensitive skin types. Restore and regenerate dry or mature skin or for oily, combination and blemish-prone skin rebalance and purify. Our specialist therapists will select the perfect product match for your skin’s needs. Balancing moisture levels and cleansing skin using expertly sourced ingredients with wonderfully effective techniques will nourish skin with minerals and essential nutrients. Working on acupressure points will give a natural lift whilst unlocking muscular tension around the jaw and cheekbones.

Ila Marine Flora Face Therapy – 90mins – £100
A deeply cleansing facial that focuses on lymphatic drainage to improve the circulation, vitality and tone of the skin. This treatment uses plankton-based bio-plasma serum and a sea lavender marine mask to boost collagen production, while sea lettuce extract detoxifies and stimulates the lymphatic system. It leaves the skin detoxified and rehydrated.

Ila Junior Facial – 5-8yrs old for 30mins – £30, 8-16yrs old for 45mins – £45
A rose oil facial that uses gentle marma massage followed by a refreshing mask to improve blood circulation to the skin, reducing inflammation and hormonal imbalance.

The Scarlet Spa

Did you know about our sister spa at The Scarlet? Set within a beautiful, adults only eco hotel with stunning sea-views, it is an Ayurvedic-inspired spa. Day packages start from £175pp.

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