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Mental Wellness Retreats

Anthony Mullally is a recently retired professional rugby player whose playing career consisted of 200+ super league games, 2 world cups and a grand final trophy. Towards the end of his career he started training in breathwork for his own performance, becoming an advanced breathwork coach with Oxygen Advantage.

During the workshop, participants will be guided on how to build resilience, adapting to adversity, and enabling better management of stressful everyday situations in a practical and effective way.

“Using cold and heat exposure we are purposely putting our bodies’ in a stressful state. Short term stress is a great way for the body to create adaptations and become more resilient, enabling us to be less reactive when faced with stressful situations in day to day life.”

Anthony will also be guiding you through a breathwork session, during which you will be taught to ‘down regulate’ and activate the bodies’ relaxation response, bringing your nervous system back to a state of balance. To return to a state of calm amongst life’s unpredictable adversities is the true nature of resilience.