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Soul Reconnection Sauna Rituals

6pm - 9pm
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On this multi-sensory experience we will go on a journey that creates a safe space to further your connection with your mind and stimulate a primal connection to your inner being.

Introducing Nick...

Hello I’m Nick. Three years ago I made the career change from tree surgeon to a full time spa therapist. Life as a tree surgeon was always challenging, facing fears and pushing myself physically, I have taken this resilience on and into my wellbeing journey.

When I lost my best friend to suicide, I began my own healing path. The road I had to overcome was wrought with emotions such as guilt and the trauma it impacted on my friends and family. However becoming a therapist has inspired a personal awareness of Ayurveda which has brought balance into my life as well as diet, meditation, movements such as yoga and surf, and cold water swimming.

This healing journey brought me back to life and allowed my true self to shine through, illuminating my path into using my own wellness techniques to help others and share my love. From focussing my efforts on cold water therapy and shamanic drum circles, saunas came into my life.

As I delved into the world of this new culture I stumbled upon the wonderful process of Pritis, the Lithuanian way of sauna which I became fascinated with and studied for over a year to become a sauna master.

This leads me onto a series of unique workshops carefully curated by myself to provide a journey through hot and cold, including some primitive movements, conscious breathing techniques and sauna rituals inspired by Lithuanian Pritis.

We will include salt inhalations and sauna whisks which are bundles of birch branches whose purpose is to deepen your experience within the sauna and stimulate your senses.