Winter in the Sensory Spa Garden
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Winter in the Sensory Spa Garden

By October 24, 2018Gardens, Outdoors, Spa

To say that the Sensory Spa Garden experience is ‘sensory’ would be an understatement. Nestled in a beautifully tranquil garden designed to maximise the flow and energy of the journey we take you on, and with views to the horizon, it is a spa experience guaranteed to remain with you for a long time to come.

Based on the practice of thermotherapy, it’s the combination of hot and cold that gives this experience its unique ability to invigorate, cleanse and energise as well as leave you with a wonderful sense of inner calm. Physically, the mixture of hot and cold stimulates the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems which in turn boosts the immune system helping you to fend off that winter cold!

To get you going, there is a Himalayan salt and oatmeal body scrub with basil and rosemary. This ionises the body and wakes the cells up to the healing process. Then, it’s a quick warm outdoor shower, and into the gorgeously aromatic cedar wood sauna to relax. Next is the best bit, trust us! A cold bucket drench from above. This immediately releases endorphins (your happy hormones) that lead to increased energy, better circulation, detoxification and the clearing of negative energy. The drench is most definitely guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Then it’s into the bubbling cedar wood hot tubs to finish. By the time you are seated around our blazing fire pit with your feet in a warm water bowl wrapped in plush Egyptian cotton towels, sipping a locally produced herbal tea of your choice, not only will your skin feel amazing, so will you!

We really do think that autumn is the perfect time of year for it too with the cooler outdoor temperature further enhancing the experience. Just simply being in the fresh air and at one with nature is enough to make you feel great, and especially as the air you’ll be breathing is straight off the Atlantic! Whilst purifying the body, inhaling pure sea air that is charged with healthy negative ions accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen to get those happy hormones racing even faster.

Whatever the rest of your day involves, we promise you that the blissful sense of relaxation will stay for the duration!