Top 10 Autumn family frolics
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Top 10 Autumn family frolics

Awesome Autumn is the perfect time of year for enjoying the great outdoors, then coming home and appreciating the great indoors, too.

Here are Bedruthan’s top suggestions for making the most of your Autumn.

Time to dress up warm, kick up your heels in the crisp leaves and play conkers together.

1) Wrap up warm and go for a walk
See who can spot squirrels getting ready for Winter. Kick a big pile of fallen leaves or make helicopters out of sycamore seeds, and keep a look out for mushrooms – you may find a fairy sitting on the top.

2) Go brambling
October and November are the months for finding blackberries at their most ripe and ready. Head out with a bowl or bucket and get picking. Make sure you protect little fingers from prickles with gloves, get away from roads to avoid pollution, only pick blackberries that don’t belong to anyone and pick them from high enough on the bush that they haven’t been weed on by a passing dog! Blackberries are perfect for a cheap and cheerful tea-time crumble. Click here for Bedruthan’s crumble recipe.

3) Pick up some free art supplies
Raid Mother Nature’s art cupboard for leaves, twigs and seeds – they’re all great for using in crafts. Try making Autumn collages, or have a go at leaf rubbings by placing a sheet of baking paper over a leaf and rubbing over gently with a wax crayon.

4) Go for a bike ride
Feel the free fresh wind in your hair. Life comes without care when you’re atop a bike. Take a thermos and a picnic and make an adventure of it.

5) Make a catapult
Grab a rubber band or two, head outside to gather some sturdy forked twigs and collect some pebbles to launch. Watch them fly and measure how far they went.

6) Stuff old clothes to create a scarecrow
Got a black binliner lying around waiting for you to take it to the charity shop? Put the clothes to work first by tying the ends arms and trouser legs and stuffing them full of old newspaper. Prop him or her up on a broom in your front garden. If you’re feeling cheeky, you could make scarecrow caricatures of your whole family.

Remember to round off your outdoor fun with an indoor warm-up and reward: a nice cup of hot chocolate by a roaring fire, and don’t forget the marshmallows and squirty cream. As the night’s draw in, you’ll probably find you spend a little more time indoors – but that doesn’t have to mean your evenings need to drag. Try these house-bound autumnal activities to give you all a boost.

7) Seasonal suppers
Eating food that’s in season is good for the environment and puts you in tune with the world by helping you celebrate the start of each new phase of the year. October’s perfect for apples and blackberries, kale, cabbage and pumpkin. You could (literally) toast Autumn’s arrival with a hearty homemade crumble crisped up under the grill. Have a look here for some great Autumnal seasonal recipes.

8) Reverse spring clean
It may not be Spring, but the start of a new term is a great time to clear the clutter and get the house ship-shape. Encourage the kids to take responsibility for de-cluttering their own bedrooms, tidy up and take unwanted items to the charity shop. This way, there’s plenty of room for plenty of new toys at Christmas!

9) Read all about it
Now the longer evenings are here again, reading is a lovely way to get together and spend time with each other. Head to your local library or charity shop to pick up some new books. You could hold a regular reading night where you pick a book and read aloud. Or, if your kids are older, read your own books together; this is a great way to relax. If you want to keep children excited about their books, get them to set themselves a target for how much they can read before a certain date and reward them with a little prize for getting there.

10) Watch a classic movie together
Pop some popcorn, get the blankets out and curl up on the sofa together for a screening of The Secret Garden, The Goonies, Oliver!, The Railway Children, Bugsy Malone or The Jungle Book.

And one for luck…

11) Make up a play
Get their imaginations whirring by taking it in turns to write short plays and perform them. You can take turns at being the director too, and have great fun improvising costumes.