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Toddler friendly beach holidays

A day out at the beach is so much more than sandcastles and ice cream, from first steps on the sand to running away from shoreline waves for hours on end, there is plenty to explore and Cornwall has over 400 beaches to choose from. Here are some of our favourite beach activities to do with toddlers.

Building sandcastles
The fine sand found in Cornwall is just right for sandcastles, and you’ll be able to build your own kingdom this time of year as the beaches are deserted. However, with a toddler in tow, you’ll be lucky to get more than two built before they want to jump on them!

Running from the waves
Introducing your toddler to the lapping waves for the first time is something you’ll cherish forever, they’ll never get bored of running in and out and you’ll never tire of watching them.

Make a pool
For warmer days, get digging in the wet sand until you find water and create your little one their very own sea pool for them to splash around in.

Collecting shells
Cornwall’s beaches are decorated with shells of all shapes and sizes and you’ll find hours of fun walking along the shoreline collecting them and talking about the marine animals that live in them.

Write in the sand
Find a lovely old bit of driftwood and practice writing toddlers first letters in the sand, introducing them to textures and developing their communication and fine-motor skills.

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Covid-19 - Temporary Changes
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