The occidental cocktail Recipe
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The occidental cocktail recipe

By January 8, 2016Food & Drink

The third man in our trilogy of “occidentals”, this spicy number muddles fresh chilli with lime, coriander, sugar syrup & lashings of Portobello Gin all churned over crushed ice. Extremely refreshing but not for the faint hearted!

Golden caster sugar (we recommend Billingtons)
Thai red finger chilis
Portobello gin
Crushed ice


Chilled, or frozen, tulip glasses
Wooden pestle
Mixing spoon

For each cocktail, add one lime divided into eighths and muddle it around the glass using a wooden pestle. This gives the overall cocktail a greater depth of flavour using the oils in the lime zest. Then add three heaped teaspoons of golden caster sugar and work the sugar into the lime juice so that the sugar dissolves into the lime. Then add a handful of coriander and muddle into the lime mixture before adding three slices of red chili and gentle press it into the other ingredients to release the flavour.

Then add three shots of gin and stir thoroughly. Add crushed ice and continue to stir. Slowly add more ice and stir thoroughly each time. Pile up the ice into a cone shape above the glass and you are ready to serve. Just add a small straw and garnish with a chili.