The Delizia Cocktail
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The Delizia cocktail

By June 15, 2015Food & Drink

One of our favourite in house innovations, The Delizia is as delicious as it sounds. Concocted from fresh strawberries muddled with basil and Balsamico liquer, it is served with dark chocolate and a sugar dipped strawberry to compliment the flavours. If you can’t get to us, here is how you can make it at home:

Galliano Balsamico liqueur
Basil leaves
Crushed ice

Dark chocolate

Chilled tumblers
Wooden pestle
Mixing spoon

For each cocktail, add four strawberries and six basil leaves into a chilled tumbler and muddle them around the glass either using a wooden pestle or a spoon. This just slowly breaks the fruit down and incorporates the flavours into each other. You can add a little sugar at this stage, but if your strawberries are sweet enough, this shouldn’t be necessary.

Then add two shots of Galliano Balsamico liqueur and stir well to mix all of the ingredients. Add crushed ice and continue to stir. Slowly add more ice and stir thoroughly. Pile up the ice into a cone shape above the glass and you are ready to serve. Just add a small straw, some chopped pieces of dark chocolate, and some sugar dipped strawberries.