Sustainable New Years Resolutions
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Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

By January 17, 2019Sustainability

It’s the time of the New Year’s resolution again! So we have come up with a few sustainable resolutions to give you some ideas that will help you and the planet:

Create less waste
Do your research, think about what recycling in your area is like, what can be recycled, composted or is biodegradable. Consuming less or shopping smart is a good place to start. Find shops in your local area that offer other options to the heavily packaged products that we are used to. If you live near Newquay, we recommend going to The Good Lyfe, a zero waste and ethical shop.

Walk or use the car less
When you are going out, before jumping in the car, consider whether you could walk the distance. Why not get some exercise and help to planet at the same time? Or if you are going somewhere as a group can you all car share?  Facebook is great for car share groups in your area, or you can check out the Lift Share website.

Buy and use a reusable cup or bottle
This one is a no brainer. Buying a reusable cup and/or bottle means you cut down on waste and can get discounts in various cafés, such as Starbucks, Costa and our very own Wild Cafe, whilst still being able to enjoy your drink of choice.

Take a reusable bag wherever you go
This is another simple change that will help you save money in the long run. Buying a reusable bag is easy enough to do, but be sure to keep one in your bag, house or car – or in all three – to make sure you use it! This will help you cut down plastic bag use and save you a few pennies too.

Eat better or less meat
Eating food that is better for you and the planet is great way to start your year. Whether you want to eat healthier, less meat, no meat at all or more seasonally, there are plenty of options out there and restaurants that are willing to cater for it. The popular #meatfreemondays – which we do here at Bedruthan – is an easy way to reduce the amount of meat you’re eating.

Switch to cruelty-free brands
Making the switch to cruelty-free brands can take a while, but it’s definitely worth it. When it comes to beauty items, we’d recommend using testers of the products to check that they are also good for you and your body. You can find a handy list of brands to avoid and brands that are either pending or in a grey area, here.

Swap with friends or take clothes to charity shop
You might want to pare down this year, so here are a couple things to try. Instead of throwing away perfectly good clothing, head to your local charity shop or find somewhere to donate them too. You could also make a clothes swapping event either just with friends or in your local community, which will help you get rid of the clothes you don’t want and transform your wardrobe with your new swaps. Top tip: avoid fast fashion at all costs!

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