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Craft activities to keep the kids entertained this Summer

The summer holidays seem to last forever and sometimes it’s hard to come up with activities to keep the little ones busy. So here’s a handy list of fun things to keep the kids entertained:

Using paper or cardboard as a canvas, kids can get messy and creative by adding glitter, feathers, lollipop sticks, paint, magazine or newspaper cuttings. Have a look around and see what you can reuse too.

Beach finds photo frame
Want to make an old photo frame look more interesting? Take to the beach with the family and work together to collect some shells. Once you are home you can arrange your beach finds and stick them onto the frame.

Indoor mini garden
This one is for the green-fingered families out there. Head to your local garden centre or even take cuttings from your garden. Get a pot or planter and add soil, plants, rocks or get creative with mini furniture and figurines.

Glue fireworks
Draw as many fireworks as you like using PVA glue onto black paper or card and sprinkle with your glitter of choice. If you don’t have glitter to hand, salt or sugar mixed with food dye works just as well.

This is a simple and effective craft to keep the kid busy. Decorate some paper or card with whatever design you choose, cut into a square, create pleats by folding accordion style and glue the bottom middle section together.

Making a boat
Boats can be made with anything that floats from plastic tubs to corks. Add some character with a sail made from a cocktail stick, paper or cardboard and give it all a lick of paint. Even add a small cuddly toy to go for a ride.

Chalk drawing
The age-old classic of chalk drawing, which washes away with the rain. Find a flat stone wall or floor to create your colourful masterpiece. Or even get a chalkboard/wall for a room in the house.

Crayon and watercolour art
Get out the crayons and the watercolours, ready to produce your work of art. First get some paper and draw a pattern of your choosing with your crayons. Then paint over the top with watercolours and leave to dry.

Beach finds memory jar:

Or have a go at creating a beach finds memory jar.

You will need:

  • A jar (Top tip: You can always reuse a jam or mason jar)
  • Items you have found on the beach
  • Any extras you wish to use


  1. Go for a nice stroll on the beach and pick up anything that catches your eye. Sand, shells, sea glass or even seaweed, it’s up to you.
  2. Once you are home gather up your favourite finds.
  3. Slowly and carefully pour the sand (if you got any) into your jar.
  4. Then start to arrange your beach finds.
  5. Close up your jar and you are finished!
  6. You can always add some extras, such as images or written memories from your holiday, string around the outside of the jar or even toy animal figurines.

If you are more a visual person, head over to our YouTube channel where we have made a video of how to make this.