Spring insipred essential oils
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Spring-inspired essential oils

By February 25, 2015Spa

Spring is a great time to cleanse your mind, body and emotions, to take some time out to concentrate on your wellbeing. As part of our Sunshine Spa Break we use sunshine-inspired essential oils in our spa treatments to reawaken your mind and revitalise your skin. But if you can’t make it this Spring, here are our tips to recreate these spa treatments at home:

Bitter sweet orange, citrus and grapefruit essential oils are all uplifting and invigorating – great for kick starting your energy and enthusiasm after a long Winter.

Tulsi, or holy basil, is known as the mental and emotional first aid herb as it promotes clarity of mind and helps to clear any emotional stresses and strains that might have built up over the darker months.

You can mix a little of these oils with milk and pour them into a warm bath. The milk serves to disperse the oil through the water, rather than letting it sit on the top. If you add some sesame oil into the mix, it will work as a wonderful skin nourisher – great for dehydrated winter skin. It’s good for your joints too.

Use these oils in a burner and you will really be able to feel their cleansing properties as you breathe in their Spring scents. Inhalations are a really powerful way of absorbing the benefits of the oils.

Another effective ways to use essential oils is directly to the skin (although take caution as essential oils are very concentrated and powerful, just use one or two drops first). Apply the oil to the back of your neck, temples and the insides of your wrists to make the most of their uplifting effects.

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