Small sustainable changes that will make a big difference
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Small sustainable changes that will make a big difference

By July 13, 2017Sustainability

It is easier than you might think to be more sustainable – just small changes throughout your everyday life can make a real difference to the environment. Sustainable changes can also often save you money in the long run. Here are a few of our top tips:

Plastic Bags
Next time you go to the shops save yourself some money and save the planet by using reusable bags instead of picking up a handful of plastic bags. Most shops now sell reusable/material bags or if you are really creative you could make your own out of scrap pieces of material. Surfers Against Sewage sell tote bags made from bouncy castles that are perfect for shopping or a trip to the beach.

Plastic water bottles
Replacing plastic water bottles with a sturdy and reusable water bottle will save you money in the long run and generate less plastic going to land fill. There are plenty of venues that will top of water bottles if you ask and they are always handy for days out or at work. Klean Kanteen offer a variety of stylish products from bottles to cups to tumblers, they’ve got you covered.

Throw away cups
We all love a nice cup of coffee or tea when we are on the go. Next time make sure you have a reusable cup with you. More venues are starting to offer them, some even with discounts on beverages or refills as an incentive. Ecoffee create beautifully patterned beverage cups out of bamboo, which are sustainable and perfect for the job of holding your drinks.

Mobile phone charger
There aren’t many people left that don’t own a mobile phone in some shape or form these days. The amount of electricity it takes to charge them is only increasing the more we use them in our fast paced lifestyles. So changing to a solar powered phone charger will save you money in the long run and save the planet too. But be sure to keep your old charger(s) for the days that aren’t so sunny. The Eden Project have a variety of solar chargers from travel sized to foldable making it easy whilst on the go.

Packed lunches
Everyone has to eat and we end up packaging our food in cling film, plastic bags or in non-reusable boxes. Consider making lunch for yourself or the kids in reusable alternatives. From reusable bamboo cutlery and plastic lunch boxes and mason jars to washable napkins and sandwich wrappers; there are plenty of options to make your lunches more sustainable. Eqo is one such company that is selling products for all your lunch related needs, they have cute and creative designs too.

Everyone has at least one diary and probably a stack of notebooks in a drawer somewhere in the house. The next time you feel the urge to buy a pretty notebook try switching to one made from recycled paper and be sure to recycle or reuse – where possible – all parts of your previous notebooks. Or alternatively you could cut out paper altogether and go digital. Eco-craft are a great source for paper, cardboard and notebooks with everything being 100% recyclable.

Most of us these days will use the torch app on our mobiles as a source of light, but if you happen to still use a battery powered torch we have some other options for you. Wind up, solar or trigger torches are great alternatives to battery powered ones. The Eden Project sell lightweight and brightly coloured trigger torches, which are handy source of light.

Take a look and make a note of appliances around your house that use batteries. These can easily be replaced with rechargeable ones for all your appliances, plus some extra ones to swap over. Get yourself a battery charger as well and keep them fully charged ready to use. You can also recycle your old batteries in some shops and supermarkets.

Light bulbs
Another item to make a note of is the amount of light bulbs in your house and if they are low or energy saving ones. This includes ceiling lights, lamps and any other light used in your house. Normal light bulbs aren’t recyclable whereas energy saving light bulbs are and last longer meaning they generate less waste. They also save you money by using less electricity.

We all brush our teeth every day and eventually end up thrown our plastic toothbrushes away, so it’s not surprising that there are now plenty of places that are selling plastic toothbrush alternatives.  Surfers Against Sewage sell both adult and children’s bamboo toothbrushes on their website, which are 100% recyclable, BPA free and still help keep your teeth squeaky clean!

If you are staying or visiting us, feel free to pop into our Create shop where you can find a variety of sustainable products.