Slow cooked pork belly stew
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Slow cooked pork belly stew

By February 6, 2015Food & Drink

Frosty winter weather calls for big bowls of hot, comforting soup and stews. Make the most of abundant root vegetables in this lovely pork stew complete with a creamy mustard sauce for some extra punch.

Serves 6

For the pork stock:
1.3kg pork belly
one leek
two onions
two carrots
two sticks of celery all roughly chopped
two bay leaves
six peppercorns

For the stew:
curly kale – one bag
three carrots – in nice big chunks
one turnip – peeled and cut into chunks

For the cream sauce:
one onion finely sliced
four crushed garlic cloves
two celery sticks finely sliced
one leek finely sliced
a bunch of thyme
50g butter
250ml white wine
500ml double cream
2 tbsp whole grain mustard

1. Place the pork belly in a pan large enough to fit it with the first set of roughly chopped vegetables, bay leaves and peppercorns, fill with cold water and bring to the boil. Let it simmer gently for two and a half hours until it is soft and tender (pick a bit off and taste it – give it longer if you think it needs it)
2. Take out the pork, strain the stock into a fresh pan and discard the vegetables.
3. Take 250ml of the pork stock and leave to one side for the cream sauce.
3. Add the carrots and turnip to the rest of the stock and cook until tender – should take roughly 20 minutes depending on size.
4. Meanwhile, make the cream sauce. Sweat off the finely sliced vegetables – onion, garlic, celery and leek in the butter with the fresh thyme until soft and translucent, for about 10 minutes. Add the wine and reduce by half. Add the 250ml of pork stock taken earlier and let the sauce reduce again by about a third.
5. Add the double cream and mustard to the sauce and reduce to a thick sauce – or however you like it. Keep the sauce warm on the hob whilst you plate up the pork.
6. Take the skin off the pork, cut into portions and pan fry to get a nice golden colour.
7. Add the kale to the carrots and turnip in the pork stock and cook for four minutes – then serve in bowls with a piece of tender pork and a drizzle of creamy mustard sauce.

The perfect winter warmer full of tasty root vegetables and simple flavours.