Tips for skincare during pregnancy
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Skincare during pregnancy

By May 21, 2015Spa

Pregnancy is a magical and mind-boggling journey; and as every Mum will agree, each is totally unique.

Alongside a changing body, many women also find their skin can alter dramatically. Continually fluctuating hormone levels can result in an extra, or newly, sensitive complexion, as well as the odd breakout or dry patch. Given the changes that are happening in your body, it’s hardly surprising these can play out on your skin!

If you’re having a tricky time or simply need some radiance-boosting tips, here are my three golden rules for calm, happy pregnancy skin:

1) Keep it simple

Happy skin is healthy skin. Whether you’re suffering from sensitised skin or the occasional breakout – take your skin care back to basics. Stick to a gentle Cream Cleanser, a hydrating and balancing Moisturiser and a regenerating Facial Oil. This simple routine will allow your skin to rebalance its fluctuating oil production (hormones again!) and delicate pH balance.

If you’re used to an eight-step regime this may seem a little basic at first, but give your skin time to adjust and I promise you’ll see an improvement.

2) The do’s and don’ts

The list of pregnancy dos and don’ts can be overwhelming. One of the most controversial topics is cosmetic ingredients. Everyone has their own take on it, but if you’re choosing to use organic products during your pregnancy (a switch many women make), then be sure to choose certified organic products.

There’s no legal definition of the words ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ in beauty, which means products labelled with the terms may actually contain 0% natural or organic ingredients. If in doubt, look out for the Soil Association kite-mark on packaging. It’s an independent stamp of approval confirming products are a minimum of 70% organic.

3) Relax!

It’s easier said than done, but if you’re struggling with sensitised or troublesome skin – try not to worry about it too much. Stress is one of the biggest triggers of many sensitive skin conditions and can also worsen inflammatory conditions like Rosacea or Acne.

Managing stress is the first step to calm, happy and healthy skin, so find a stress-busting activity you enjoy. This can be anything from meditation to reading or cooking; just be sure you make it a regular fixture in your life.

Finally, pregnancy is a precious experience – take the time to slow down and enjoy it!

Sarah Brown is the founder of Pai Skincare, the certified organic range specialising in sensitive skin. She’s mother to a two-year old son and is currently expecting her second child. Read more from Sarah here.

We’ve got together with Pai to create a series of carefully-crafted experiences to soothe and support you during pregnancy, using the Pai skincare range. To find out more, visit our spa treatments page.