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Screen printing with Dena from the Kiwi Printmaking Studio

If you’re interested in giving our screen printing workshops a go, just have a look at our events page for details about the next workshop.

Last weekend was our first printmaking workshop of the year with lovely Dena from the Kiwi Printmaking Studio, so we sent our enthusiastic graphic designer, Goncalo along to give it a go.

The class comprised of six eager students, all with mixed backgrounds. Some were keen print makers already, others were complete beginners – but Dena made us all feel welcome.

IMG_4956 copyThe day began with an introduction to screenprinting, some of the techniques that could be used and the different results you can get. Dena had brought some of her work to show what could be achieved, and a whole library of print making books for a bit of inspiration.

IMG_4963 copyAfter a quick introduction to the basic principles, it was time to get stuck in! The day focused on a simple form of screenprinting, where stencils are created using cut out paper or acetate so that when the ink is pressed through the woven mesh frame, the desired design is created.

IMG_4950 copyThis is a great technique with surprisingly clean and crisps results. The acetate stencil sticks to the screen so that an identical print can be made multiple times, but it is also very quick and easy to prepare the screens ready for printing.

It’s also a technique that can be repeated at home with limited materials and equipment, so brilliant for beginners or anyone who wants to experiment.

IMG_4955 copySome of the class had brought drawings and sketchbooks with them, and knew exactly what they wanted to achieve on the day, whilst others enjoyed experimenting and playing with shapes. Dena was on hand to give personal tuition and provide different ideas and support if needed – and there was plenty of time for questions and answers.

It was a very productive morning with the first prints already hanging up to dry by lunchtime. After lunch, Dena introduced the group to other types of screenprinting – such as photo emulsion techniques, and how to print on to material, rather than paper. Everyone then had the chance to create another stencil to print onto a large tote bag to take home.

IMG_4980 copyOverall, it was an inspiring day, and the class went home full of ideas and beautiful work.

IMG_5038 copyFor our next screen printing workshops, check out our events calendar.