Packing list for a holiday with a baby
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Packing list for a holiday with a baby

Preparing to go on holiday with a little one can be complicated – not only do you have to pack for yourself, you now need to pack for every eventuality for your baby! Take the stress out of your holiday packing with our list – just print off and tick as you go.

Start collecting together your packing a few days before you travel, and tick things off as you pack them. Some things, such as comforters and baby monitors, will need to be left to the very last minute – so just highlight them to remember to bundle them in at the end.

One large bag for baby, plus their daily changing bag should be enough to fit everything in. Pack medicines and toiletries in re-sealable plastic bags to prevent any leakages.

You can borrow a number of the more bulky baby essentials from us, so that there a few less things for you to pack, just let us know when booking so we can reserve them for you. Equipment available to hire is already ticked in the lists below.

 Babygros (one for each night +2)
 Short sleeved vests (one for each night +2)
 Tops (one for each night +2)
 Trousers/leggings (one for each night +2)
 Jumpers (2)
 Socks and pram shoes
 Dribble bibs (depends how dribbly they are)
 Swimsuit and swim nappies (they will love the toddler pool at Bedruthan, and the sea if it is warm enough!)*We’d recommend an outfit for each day, plus two spares, depending on how messy/sicky your baby tends to be, but we do have coin operated washing machines and a laundry on site if you require them.Warm weather
 Sun hat
 Sun cream (factor 50 for babies)

Cold weather
 Warm hat
 All-in-one pram suit

Wet weather(Always expect wet weather for a UK holiday!)
 Waterproof pram cover

 Nipple cream
 Breast pump
 Bottles, if using
Bottle feeding:
 Formula milk
 Bottle warmer

Bathing and medicines
 Baby wash and lotion
 Baby bath
 Baby wipes
 Nappies (10 per day)
 Nappy bags
 Plastic bags
 Changing mat
 Disinfectant hand gel
 Toothbrush and toothpaste (if any teeth have yet emerged!)
 Medicine bag: first aid kit, calpol, teething gels/salts, thermometer, nappy cream

 Toys and books
 Baby gym
 Baby bouncer

 Sleeping bag
 Baby monitor and chargers
 Any comforters/anything they need to sleep (white noise makers, night lights, sleepyheads, etc.)
 Travel cot

 Car seat
 Baby backpack


Top Tips!
Keep a copy of your personal packing list saved somewhere for the next time you’re packing to save time.

Whilst you’re on holiday if there are things you wished you brought – just add them to the list for next time.

If in doubt, don’t bring it – here at Bedruthan we are really experienced with babies, and staff will be sure to provide necessary equipment. At reception you can also purchase various essentials like calpol, toothpaste and swim nappies, or there is a really well stocked shop in Mawgan Porth village.

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