My first hotel stay #BedruthanStories
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My first hotel stay #BedruthanStories

My first hotel stay, by Lowen, aged two months

This was my first stay at a hotel – and Mum and Dad made a great choice with Bedruthan. It’s full of lovely things for babies – toys, cots, milk, people who love babies… They also brought reinforcements along in the form of Granny and Granddad.

I can’t say I enjoyed the journey to the hotel, I’m not a fan of car journeys, and I made my complaint heard all the way there. But once we checked in and I’d calmed down a little, it really was quite nice there, lots of squashy sofas to relax on, and I drew lots of attention from passers-by.

I had a nice little nap whilst mum and dad helped themselves to tea and biscuits and sat watching the view from the armchairs in our room. Granny and Granddad then arrived with new toys for me (they often bring toys) – I grasped on to one of the rattles and everyone made a big fuss (I am pretty marvellous after all).

After a while I started to get restless. Life can be pretty exhausting, but sometimes you just can’t switch off, can you? Especially in new surroundings. So despite several attempts from Mum, Dad, and the grandparents – feeding, rocking, rattling – nothing was working, so we decided to take a walk to the nearby pub instead. I still wasn’t very happy, and just could not sleep, no matter how hard I tried.

Anyway, the adults enjoyed a curry for dinner – mum ate very fast whilst I mainly cried in her arms and drank milk. Then we all walked back to the hotel – I think they all assumed I’d just fall peacefully to sleep in the pram, but no such luck. Eventually, I fell asleep in the hotel room, and everyone slept deeply until at least 5am.

My parents tell me that breakfast was delicious (I just stuck to milk). They like to make the most of a buffet-style breakfast, so they went for several courses: a full English, yogurt and fruit, toast and homemade jam, muffins, pastries… I was very impressed with the baby bouncers available in the restaurant, they kept me entertained for at least a few minutes. After all the excitement of breakfast, I had another nap, leaving mum to have a peaceful cappuccino whilst admiring the view (how nice of me!)

Before driving home we went for a lovely stroll on Mawgan Porth beach. What a wonderful first hotel trip – I look forward to many more!

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