My First Bedruthan Holiday #BedruthanStories
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My First Holiday at Bedruthan. By Aria, 10 months #BedruthanStories

By September 28, 2017Bedruthan Stories

We’d like to bring you one of the wonderful runner’s up entries to the Bedruthan Stories competition – a lovely poem by Aria who was only 10 months old during her first Bedruthan holiday with her parents.

We pulled up at Bedruthan, excited and ready for our holiday
Daddy wasn’t sure about taking me but Mummy said it was OK
She knew about Bedruthan and was keen to book a room
She loved The Scarlet so much after their honeymoon.
She promised Daddy it was baby friendly and there was lots to do,
He seemed to forget his worries the minute he saw the view.
We checked into our room then Daddy and I went for a swim
We splashed and had fun, it was even fun for him!
When we came out we found Mummy in a lounge called “Tranquility”
She was just sat watching the woodburner, it all looked quite boring to me!
Next we headed to soft play, into the ball pool!
I loved this little area, it was my favourite of them all!
After this I had dinner in the Wild Cafe where I ate Bolognese
I had fun smearing it all over my face and meeting some friends my own age.
By night time I felt sleepy and before I knew it, my eyes started to close
I remember Mummy looked pretty though, even Daddy said he thought so.
I don’t remember anything else but the next day I heard Daddy state
It was lovely to reconnect with Mummy again and that they’d had a wonderful date
I don’t really know what that means but Mummy was smiling all day,
It looks like it’s not just me enjoying our break away.
The next day I explored the creche, a kids club with others like me
The staff were really friendly but Mummy seemed worried to leave
I didn’t like to tell her this but I was totally fine
I actually enjoyed some time with my friends, playing and singing to rhymes
Mummy and Daddy went to the spa and looked out at the sea
Then Mummy had a massage and Daddy walked to the beach.
Later we played in the park and then we went back to soft play
I love this place, there’s nowhere like it, I hope that we can stay!
The next day I went to the creche but I went in the morning instead
Mummy and Daddy were boring, they had breakfast and stayed in bed!
Later they had a garden spa, I don’t know what happened that hour.
There were scrubs and mud and a really warm tub and I think, a super cold shower!
The next morning we had to leave¦ as I watched Bedruthan disappear
Mummy turned to me in the back seat and said “don’t worry, we’ll be back next year!”