My Bedruthan Diary #BedruthanStories
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My Bedruthan Diary – The teenage years circa 1990 #BedruthanStories

By September 21, 2017Bedruthan Stories

We’re delighted to bring you the winning entry of our Bedruthan Stories competition – taken from the diary entries of 13 year old Lucy in 1990…

‘Friday- half term holidays are here, off to my favourite place tomorrow, Bedruthan, all packed and have recorded the charts for my Walkman.

Saturday- Had an early start, arrived at Bedruthan and met up with the gang, this year I’m sharing a room with the girls and not my brother (yeah!). Wish the hotel had a lift as our room is on the top floor. Bedruthan still the same as ever purple carpet from floor to ceiling and those crazy black wire chairs!

Sunday- Joey’s still here he is ace! Entered table tennis competition and came 3rd. Went for a swim and then hung out in the cinema with the gang, we watched Escape from New York.

Monday- Went to Betty’s to get some sweets and magazines, then had a squash tournament, I was out first round but my brother won! Then we watched the dad’s play, they’re so competitive. Dinner was lush, all the gang sat on the same table and I had my fave creme caramel.

Tuesday-pool competition in the Lanai bar and guess what? I won, total fluke! It was horse racing tonight, everyone was very lively, I was horse number 3, dad bought me but I didn’t win-sorry dad,  think he had to drown his sorrows!

Wednesday-All the parents hired out the jacuzzi suite by the pool. Had a great afternoon sitting in the bubbles and daring everyone to go in the plunge pool. Had a disco in the grotto bar, the dance floor lights up and they played my fave tunes, even danced with my dad! We tilted all the pictures along the corridors at funny angles so our parents felt even worse walking to bed!

Thursday- Hung out in the ballroom and played space invaders, walked across the cliffs to the national trust and saw the real Bedruthan giant steps. All the parents went to restaurant downstairs for dinner, so the gang ate together again. I had steak, we are allowed 1 chitty per week, it was delicious!

Friday- swimming gala today, I always come last as am rubbish swimmer! We had the big fancy dress party, all the moms dressed as monks and dads dressed as nuns, they looked mental! All the staff dressed up too and Joey did a disco in the ballroom. We danced all night.

Saturday- Mom and dad not feeling too good   The gang played tennis and then the girls hung out in our room and did makeovers and listened to my charts tape.

Sunday – worst day of the week and we have to go home. Said goodbye to the gang after breakfast. Only good news is dad’s told us he’s already booked for next year! Yeah can’t wait, see you soon Bedruthan, love Lucy aged 13.’