Making the perfect picnic
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Making the perfect picnic

A picnic combines some of the best things in life: tasty food you can nibble in your hands, delicious drinks to sip at your leisure and the great outdoors. You can never have enough picnics, whether it’s lunch on the beach on holiday, a well deserved break on the top of a grueling hill climb, or a simple super in your garden.

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Here are our top tips for the most enjoyable and fuss free, picnic times:

Firstly, set the scene…

Choose your picnic spot in advance, aim for somewhere sheltered from the wind, maybe somewhere secluded, or with plenty of space to run around in, but it must have a lovely view. Here are some of our favourite spots to choose around Mawgan Porth and some more idyllic picnic places around Cornwall too.


Be prepared with something to sit on. Usually a nice thick picnic blanket will do (go for one with a waterproof bottom to avoid the damp), and if it’s a bit breezy, bring another couple of rugs to keep you snug. Alternatively, if you want to add a bit of luxury, take a couple of fold out chairs, a table and even a table cloth!


It’s easy to forget about drinks – but they can really set the scene. If it’s quite warm, bring something nice and cold with you – a lovely bottle of fizz, or some local apple juice – put it in the freezer for an house before hand, so it will be really cold when you open it. You could even make your own lemonade for a truly summery feeling. If it’s a bit chillier then warm drinks are a must – a thermos full of freshly brewed coffee, or some creamy hot chocolate, possibly spiked with a little something.


spa-tapas-lunchKeep it simple with easy to hold snacks that need the least utensils. Here are some of our favourite ideas to pick and choose from:

  • Fresh bread rolls with olive oil and balsamic in a small container for dipping
  • Hummus with slices of carrot and pepper
  • Olives, stuffed peppers and sundried tomatoes – just bring cocktail sticks
  • Cold meats – slices of ham or even a whole roast chicken, served with homemade chutney, or some garlicky pesto
  • Sausage rolls – make your own long one to cut into slices, add some mango chutney, cumin and pistachios to the mince meat for something differet
  • Individual quiches filled with salmon and broccolli and a dash of cream
  • Slices of tomato tart – just top a ready rolled piece of puff pastry with red pesto, sundried tomatoes and fresh tomatoes and some herbs and bake for 20 minutes
  • Roast a tray of your favourite vegetables in a low oven for 45 minutes (think carrots, peppers, courgette, red onions, sweet potatoes in olive oil and your favourite spices) – bring some wraps and wrap them up with dollops of yogurt.

Don’t forget to dessert! Grapes, strawberries and squares of dark chocolate go beautifully. Or if you fancy something more decadent, squares of gooey chocolate brownie, or a crisp fruit tart with clotted cream.

Finer details:

If you’re bringing simple food, you can do without any crockery at all – but if you need some plates, lightweight plastic ones work well. Tupperware of various sizes is invaluable for picnics – especially small round ones for sauces and dips.

Final things to remember:

– Salt and pepper
– Bottle openers
– Sharp knives
– Napkins
– Wet wipes
– Carrier bags to dispose of rubbish

Pack it all in to your best basket (or two if you’ve gone overboard) – and with the grass beneath your feet – get picnicking!

Or if you fancy a picnic without the work – take a look at our Spring Explorer Break: a two-night break including complimentary picnic, explorer guides and even champagne cocktails on arrival!