Learning to blog kids workshop
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Learning to blog kids workshop

This Easter we ran a series of workshops teaching our kids clubs blogging and writing skills. Great fun was had by all, here are some of our favourite budding writers in action… 

Gazing at Bedruthan’s Sea View
By Piper Berg
Aged 9
I love the sea view!
I don’t mind the weather because it’s exciting when the sea is thrashing about, trying to escape.
Luckily, I’m normally inside our room, feeling nice and cosy, so I don’t get pulled in by the sea’s long, foaming arms.
The Atlantic is so mesmerizing that whatever things are going on behind my back, I cannot look away.
My favourite thing about Bedruthan in the sea view.

Splashing Around in Bedruthan’s Swimming Pool
By Nancy Butler
Aged 8
The Bedruthan swimming pool is an amazing place.
You can jump in.
You can swim from 8am to 4pm. You can do loads of laps around the pool.
You can have hours of fun – swimming, playing games and having races.

Exploring Mawgan Porth Beach
By Tabitha Mann
Aged 9
As I walked onto the golden sand, the shimmering sea sparkled in the sunlight. The sea crashed against the rocks. I escaped the sea as fast as I could! I kicked sand, stood on rocks and explored the beach!
No matter what I do or where I go, I will love the beach. Whatever and whenever.

Getting Drenched at Mawgan Porth Beach
By Eloise Maul
Aged 8
I went to the beach with all my family. There was a woman with a dog. The woman was wearing a bright pink hat with a pom-pom.
The waves were pounding down onto the sea, making it smaller. The waves were splashing onto the rock and it felt like rain on me.
When the waves were rushing in, I ran into them. I tripped over and got soaked!
It was the best day of my life!

High-jinks in Jungle Tumble
By Jonathan Sage
Aged 9
As I pushed open the door, thrilling Jungle Tumble soft play area sprung into life.
I made two lively friends and I jumped face first into the rainbow-coloured ball ocean.
I could see a roaring tiger family.
I hid.

Table Football Fun
By Sebb Maule
Aged 7
I love the table football game. You can score lots of goals. It’s really fun, I think you will like it.
I’ve played on the red team and on the blue team, but my favourite is the red team.

By AJ Govier
Aged 11
I love going to the Z-Club. You do really weird and wacky activities. Last night we did a newspaper fashion show and we dressed Frankie [one of the other Z-Clubbers] up as a caveman using duct tape and newspaper.
I like the evening clubs because there’s a different thing to do every night.
You have freedom in Z-Club. No adults are allowed, except for the staff and they are brilliant.
I like the TV, the music, the rocks on the walls and the big sofas and the fairy lights.
Best of all, you can do blogging.

A Mermaid’s Tail Tale
By Georgina Dawson
Aged 9
When I put on the mermaid’s tail, I felt fantastic. I had to jump to the edge of the swimming pool and cannon ball in because I couldn’t walk anymore once I had the mermaid tail on.
We played mermaid games and I won all of them!
When I got out of the water again, my tail died in seconds, like glue. I became a human again.
I always become a mermaid.

Swimming Fun with Friends
By Bea Crampin
Aged 9
The swimming pool was as blue as the ocean, full of warm water with special chlorine in it that is kinder than normal chlorine. It cools you down to go in there if you are hot, though. You can do long lengths and handstands and play with all the floats. I went in the pool with my best friend Georgina and her family, who are staying at the hotel as well.
Children are allowed in the pool from 9am to 6pm. Anyone is allowed in, it doesn’t matter if you are two weeks old or 92 years old.

Mr Muffin Man Plays Football in The Ballroom
Frankie aka Mr Muffin Man
Aged 8
My brother Jack and I were playing football in The Ballroom with the stripey pillows! We made friends with another boy who was called Charlie. He was 10-years-old. And we became really good friends.
I hung out with him for the rest of the week. And I kept calling myself Mr Muffin Man!

Jack aka Jeffrey
Aged 6
I was playing football on my own. I was kicking the ball far away. Every kick, it flew far away and I had to run and get it. Every time it flew so far away, it annoyed me. Then I made a friend to play football with.

Bedruthan Bodyboarding Adventure
Bayley Lempriere
Aged 9 ½
I went to the beach near Bedruthan. Me and my dad went bodyboarding in the sea. I could taste the salty, cold and vinegar seawater when I opened my mouth. I waded through the water slowly. I got in deeper and I finally caught a small, powerful wave and I thought I was in exhilaration. I could not believe my eyes.

Awesome Animal Show
Aged 8
The last time I was at Bedruthan there was an awesome animal show. There were lots of different animals, but my favourite was a long, scary green and brown snake. I touched the snake. It was really exciting. The snake felt bumpy and scaly and I really loved it. I hope Bedruthan will do the awesome animal show again.