Inspirational Pianist #BedruthanStories
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Inspirational Pianist #BedruthanStories

By November 30, 2017Bedruthan Stories

Sadly, this is our final runner’s up story from our Bedruthan Stories competition, but a particularly lovely one. It tells of a magical memory from a distant family holiday.

We used to visit the Bedruthan as a family of 6 over 20 years ago. I have such very happy memories of the hotel and the surrounding areas – the foam shapes that were put on the dance floor for children were always hours of fun. One particular memory is one night whilst staying at the hotel my Dad allowed me to stay up late to hear the pianist play in the bar.

I remember the bar man made me a non alcoholic cocktail with a fancy umbrella in it and coloured sugar around the rim of the glass. At that age (around 7 or 8) it felt very special to me to be up late just me and my Dad.

The pianist was spectacular and played the most beautiful music. I didn’t want to go to bed until he had finished. I was that inspired I went on to play the piano myself reaching high grades and getting huge enjoyment out of it for years. That night has stayed in my memory very clearly as I’m now 34 and it feels like yesterday!

I’d love to stay again at the Bedruthan it is such a special place with many special memories.