In the kitchen in February and March
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In the kitchen in February and March

By February 6, 2015Food & Drink

It’s an interesting time in the kitchen right now – the air is still chilly, so we’re all still yearning for the comforting warmth of steaming hot casseroles, spiced soups and sweet sticky puddings, but we’re also seeing the first flourishes of spring and preparing recipes for lighter dishes of spicy salads, steamed mussels and light, scented broths.

Things to look out for:

Sweet tender lamb – go traditional with a shepherds pie with some fresh purple sprouting brocolli on the side, or add hints of Morocco with cumin lentils and coriander yogurt.

We’ll be quick frying our purple sprouting brocolli with fresh ginger, chilli, garlic and almonds for a spicy warm salad full of pungent flavours.

The last of the mussels – try steaming with white wine and the last of the season’s leeks for a fresh take.

Pork is a favourite in the kitchen all year round, but is especially delicious served with some sweet root vegetables, think tender parsnips, swede and carrots – why not give our slow cooked pork belly recipe a go?

A fall of Bramley apples – the perfect accompaniment to pork, also lovely in an apple, custard and honey tart, or how about a puree for a crispy roast chicken?

Spring green cabbage, chicory and spring onions are all wonderful in a light broth. And for the last of our root vegetables, we’ll be roasting them slowly and adding to bright asian-inspired salads.

Finally, the bright pink tender stalks of forced rhubarb for a wonderful rhubarb cake scented with cinnamon and with a dollop of clotted cream.

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