Make your own potato print cards
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How to make your own potato print Christmas cards

If you have the time, making your own Christmas cards can be a joy – and people always appreciate the effort that’s gone in to them. Printing is a great, inexpensive way to create multiple cards using the same stamp. There are all sorts of printing techniques out there – but for a beginner (and little ones) we can’t recommend potato printing enough. Root vegetables are very easy to cut with simply tools – and can produce some really lovely effects.

Equipment Needed For Potato Printing
You will need:
Root vegetables – sweedes, potatoes and carrots work well
A good chopping knife
A fine, sharp, scapel
Chopping board
Cards and envelopes
Paints – water based acrylics or poster paint works well
Plate to mix paint

Optional extras:
Pens and pencils to add decoration
Glitter, sparkles and sequins
PVA glue

Vegetable Cut in half on a chopping board

You can either go free hand with your cutting – or draw out a simple template before hand. Once you have your design in mind, chop your chosen vegetable in half.
Drawing Around your stencil on the vegetable

Cut out your template and draw around it onto your potato (or in this case, swede) or you can draw your design directly onto the vegetable without a template.
Cut Out your stencil with a scalpel

Then with your scalpel – carefully cut out the design (this part is strictly an adults-only exercise).

Remove the excess vegetable

Once you’ve cut around the design, you can then begin to cut out the unwanted bits of potato. At a 90degree angle – cut out in small chunks until you’re left with your finished stamp.


You can cut out a number of different stamps. Christmas trees work well.

Removing excess potato from christmas tree design

Removing excess potato from christmas tree design

Holly stencil on half a potato

Try a holly leaf or a simply star.

Cutting a star stamp out of the swede

Star, Holly and Christmas Tree Stamp

Once you have all your stamps prepared you can begin to print!

Painted Christmas Tree Potato Stamp

The easiest way is to paint the stamp directly – to ensure an even coverage. But otherwise you can just dip the stamp into paint spread out onto a plate.

Christmas Tree Potato Stamped

Then just carefully press the stamp onto the paper – try to hold down firmly, but try not to let the stamp move either. Then the card is ready for any extra decoration you’d like – or you can keep them nice and simple!

Painting a Robin on the Swede Stamp

You can also paint on multiple colours onto your stamp – such as for this robin.

Potato Printed Robin on a Christmas Card

And then add detail with coloured pens and pencils.

Stamping the Holly onto the cards

Or use the same stamp multiple times on one card.

Adding the red to the holly

And then create different stamps – such as this round stamp from a carrot – which makes a perfect holly berry!

The finished potato stamped cards

Then just leave your cards to dry for an hour – and they should be ready for writing and sending to their lucky recipients.