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How to make DIY Halloween Lanterns

Autumn is here and Halloween is fast approaching! For those of you who don’t quite have the time to carve into a pumpkin but still fancy getting a little crafty (and making good use of old plastic bottles in the process) – why not give these Halloween lanterns a go? We have put together this blog and a little video to show you a simple way to make a DIY lantern from items that you may already have around your house.

Here’s how to make a milk bottle Halloween lantern:

You will need:

  • Plastic milk bottle
  • Black marker pen
  • Scissors
  • A light source – either a glow stick, fairy lights or even a fake candle (please don’t use any open flames)


  • Remove the labels from the plastic milk bottle, then wash it out and let it dry.
  • Take your black marker pen and get creative by drawing a face on the front of your milk bottle – cheeky, scary, whatever you fancy!
  • Now you can add your light source – we did a mixture of glow sticks and fairy lights, but you can play around with different lights and see what works best.
  • If you are adding fairy lights use your trusty scissors to cut out the back of the milk bottle, so that you have room for the wires.
  • Optional: If you choose to add glow sticks you can fill the milk bottle with water, which will spread the light and make it even brighter.
  • Now you can display your DIY lanterns either around the house or outside for all to see!

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