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How to make a Scandinavian Christmas Tomte

The Christmas holidays are around the corner and you are probably looking for something to keep the kids entertained this festive season. In our grotto this year we will be joined by our Scandinavian friends, Tomte and Astrid. So we thought we would create a little Tomte craft that you can try at home. Here’s how to make one:

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Felt in either red or green (if you don’t have felt you could always use card)
  • Wadding or cotton wool
  • Cardboard toilet roll tube
  • Small white pom pom or round bead
  • Double sided sticky tape or fabric glue
  • Glitter/decorations (optional)


  • Measure and cut out a rectangle of felt, wrap it around the toilet roll tube and use tape or fabric glue to stick the felt in place.
  • Wrap felt around the top of the tube to create a cone shape (like a hat), cut it out and then stick on to the top of the tub with tape or fabric glue.
  •  Cut out a small triangle of the wadding or cotton wool and stick it onto the tube just underneath the hat. Now it has a beard!
  • Give it a little nose by sticking a pom pom or round bead in the middle of the beard just underneath the hat.
  • Then you can decorate it with glitter, stickers, buttons, snowflake confetti or even draw on it with fabric pens!

Head over to our YouTube channel for more videos like this.