Grand Sidecar cocktail recipe
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Grand Sidecar: Classic cocktail recipe

The Grand Sidecar is a classic cocktail from the golden age of cocktails and the prohibition era. A very strong cocktail, the freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar syrup lifts up the strong alcohol for a lovely, refreshing drink on a summer’s day.

Cognac (we recommend Château d’Orignac cognac VSOP)
Sugar syrup
One lemon

One lemon
Lemon sherbet

Chilled champagne flutes
Cocktail shaker
Fine sieve strainer

Firstly chill your glasses either by leaving in the freezer for an hour or filling with fresh ice whilst you prepare all your ingredients. Once chilled, prepare your glasses by rubbing a slice of lemon around the edge of each glass and then dipping the rim in lemon sherbet – for a really pretty effect, roll the glass into a saucer of sherbet so that a good inch of the glass is covered. Put to one side whilst you mix your cocktail.


For each glass add into your cocktail shaker: 15ml cointreau, 60ml cognac, ¼ shot of sugar syrup and ¾ shot of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then add plenty of ice to fill up the cocktail shaker and shake thoroughly for 12-15 seconds – until your cocktail shaker has a nice frosting of condensation on the outside. Strain the cocktail through a fine sieve into your prepared cocktail glasses and enjoy.

Sugar Syrup Recipe

To make your own sugar syrup simply add equal parts of sugar and water into a pan on a gentle hint and stir until it dissolves. Allow this to cool and store it in the fridge in a sealed bottle for up to a month.

Lemon Sherbet Recipe

For this cocktail you can just buy lemon sherbet, but it’s also quite fun to make your own. Take some fresh lemon peel (try to take as little white pith as possible) and bake in the oven for 15-20mins at 150C until dried out. Once cool, blend the peel in a blender and add 100g caster sugar and 1tsp powdered citric acid (you can buy this from your chemist) and blend again. Keep in a sealed jar and use as you like.