Walks to beat the back-to-school blues
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Fresh air fun to beat the back-to-school blues

The start of the Autumn term doesn’t have to put the kibosh on all Summer’s sunny outdoor pleasures. Sure, the days get shorter and there’s school and homework to fit in. But once school’s out, you’ve still got a good three to four hours of daylight left – plenty of time to get enough fresh air fun to wear the kids out before bedtime.

Our big tip for keeping up with the healthy outdoor habits we’ve got into over the summer holidays is simple: write an Autumn outdoor family fun bucket list. Here are a few items from our list:

A rainy walk

wellies2There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. So, don’t wait for a sunny afternoon to go for a stroll or a bike ride. Put on your wellies and the rest of your wet weather gear and enjoy a walk. A little adverse weather can turn the humble stroll into an exciting adventure. After all, rain is for singing in and puddles are for jumping.

Autumn gardening

peasGet out and garden. A little digging, raking, planting and cropping is a great way to get some exercise in the fresh air. Broad beans, peas, asparagus and carrots are all good veggies to plant in the Autumn ready for an early spring harvest. If floriculture is more your thing, get planting crocuses, snowdrops, dahlias and begonias.


stargazingWait for the sun to go down and enjoy a spot of stargazing together. There are lots of online guides to amateur astronomy, including ours here.

Light a campfire

bonfireDon’t wait for bonfire night to enjoy an outdoor fire. Wrap up warm and light a campfire. Toast some marshmallows, sip cups of hot chocolate, and tell some stories.

Go blackberry picking

blackberriesBlackberries are rippening early this year. Grab a suitable basket and pick the juiciest, sweetest blackberries you can find. Ideally find a blackberry bush away from a main road, and pick those higher up away from where dogs and animals could have been. If you’ve managed to pick any and not eat them they are delicious in an apple crumble, or mix them into a flapjack mix before baking for the perfect mid-week treat.

Go for a night walk

autumn-1alkWalking at night is always more exciting. Bring plenty of torches (and spare batteries) – head torches are always really useful, and wear sturdy footwear. Only aim for a short walk, not far from home – as it always takes a lot longer than walking in daylight. Listen out for different wildlife noises, and if you’re far away from the city – you can watch out for shooting stars.

If you’re looking for ways to get out into the great outdoors to try something different – take a look at our new Walking Breaks this September.