Free range children at Bedruthan
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Free range children at Bedruthan

We’re joining the free range campaign – the campaign for free range children, that is.

We’ve been excited by the work of The Wild Network – a group of organisations and people committed to championing and supporting connection with nature and wildness in children and young people – and we’ve decided to sign up.

The Wild Network has already made an amazing feature length documentary film about this subject – called Project Wild Thing – and we’ll be showing it here at Bedruthan on Sunday evenings during May half term and the summer holidays. We hope to inspire our guests to get onboard too.

Nature Deficit Disorder

What’s it all about? Our children are suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder. Yes, you read that right: Nature Deficit Disorder. It’s a real, scientific thing identified by boffins who are predicting that our children will be the first generation ever to live a shorter lifespan than their parents.


Because they’re spending too much time indoors. Many of us parents are letting our fear of dog poo, sunburn, cars and strangers get the better of us and are using screens of all varieties – TV, iPads, smartphones etc – to keep our children safely occupied indoors.

Except it’s not safe.

It’s actually quite bad for them.

They’re missing out on fresh air, sunlight, The film takes a funny and revealing look at a complex issue, the increasingly disparate connection between children and nature.

If you want nature, wildness and free-range living for kids and adults to exist alongside an increasingly industrialised and technological society, then watch the film trailer above, get involved and help to make it happen. Read more here.

See you outside. In the meantime, watch the Project Wild Thing trailer below.

Project Wild Thing

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