Get your feet looking flip flop ready for Summer
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Fetching feet: Get flip flop ready for Summer

By April 28, 2015Spa

With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s time to reveal your feet in flip flops and sandals.

Now, the average foot tends to look a little pale and unsightly after spending the winter entombed in opaque tights, woolly socks and warm shoes.

Never fear if your toes are less than tantalizing and your heels a far cry from handsome, our spa therapist Gemma has the following tips for fetching feet:

  • Start by giving them a good soak in some warm water and Himalayan sea salt. We use Pinks Boutique luxury organic version. This will soften your skin beautifully.
  • Gentle push back the cuticles to make the nail bed appear longer and make the nails themselves easier to file and aim to file them straight across.
  • Get into the habit of using a pumice stone to buff off dead skin before covering your feet in moisturising oil and putting on cotton socks. Wear them all night to maximise the moisturising effect.
  • Are your heels really hard and cracked? Rest them on a hot water bottle for half an hour while you read or watch telly. This does wonders for your circulation and will help to soften the skin too.
  • Choose yourself a hot summer colour to varnish your toenails and make sure you remember to do a base coat first – the secret to beautiful, healthy looking nails. We hear that matte white and pastel shades are all the rage this summer.

Alternatively, if you’re passing by the Bedruthan Spa, we offer a luxurious 60 minute pedicure for £45 including a relaxing foot and lower leg massage and natural, eco-friendly nail polishes from Pinks Boutique.