Festival fun this Summer
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Festival fun this Summer

By June 15, 2015Families

Festival fun comes to Bedruthan this Summer thanks to members of our children’s team. They will be roaming the hotel offering a new free hair and feather braiding service to small people and bigger people alike throughout the summer holidays.

There will be a variety of colourful hair and feather braids available so that children can really get in to the holiday spirit. The great thing about the feathers and the braids is that they don’t damage your hair. And they’re easy to take out when it’s time to go back to school, then put back in at weekends.

The braids are made just down the hill from us by our friend Lucy. They come with instructions that show you how to take them out and put them back in again.

The free service will be on offer set times, but if you miss the team when they’re out and about, they are also offering a paid for service.