Fancy dress fun at Bedruthan Steps 1979! #BedruthanStories
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Fancy dress fun at Bedruthan Steps 1979! #BedruthanStories

By October 19, 2017Bedruthan Stories

We have another nostalgic runner’s up entry to the Bedruthan Stories competition for you. This one from Katie is full of magical memories of the children’s discos in the late 1970s. Make sure to scroll down for some brilliant photos.

‘We have always loved The Bedruthan Steps Hotel. When I was young, in the 1970s, it was definitely due to the children’s entertainment, the scrummy teas and feeling very grown up and responsible looking after my younger brother when we were left ‘unattended’ with the baby listening service!

One of my fondest memories at Bedruthan Steps was the fancy dress disco for which we needed to prepare! My mum had it all planned, I was going to be a Cindy doll in a box and my little brother – a bunch of grapes!! The family suite that we always stayed in gave my mum enough room to blow up about 20 green balloons (grapes); paint a large box for me to wear as Cindy, as well as still have space for two excited children to run up and down; all whilst dad was having a drink with his friends at the bar!!

It was tea first, which we always loved because there were offerings that our parents would never let us have at home, such as chocolate spread!! Fish fingers and chips followed by pink jelly and ice cream were always a favourite and we met up with some other children who we’d become good friends with from meeting them each year at the hotel!

Then a quick change into our fancy dress in the bedroom and down to the disco room (The Ballroom) for the competition! The disco room (as we called it) was always such fun with the soft play bricks to build high towers taller than ourselves or dens we could get into, but often the dads would join in to show off their building skills! We all loved jumping down from the steps either side of the dance floor; slip-sliding along the highly polished floor and even though it was absolute mayhem, it was such fun!!! I cannot recall the name of the entertainer and D.J, but on the night of the fancy dress party, he got us to parade around the hotel finishing off back in the disco room for him to announce the winners! It was broken down into two age groups and to our amazement, both my brother and I won!! We were delighted!!

Now I’m married with my own children and we have been lucky enough to return to Bedruthan Steps and will continue to do so, to embark on new memorable adventures for our children to re-tell in the way I have for so many years.

Should we be lucky enough to win this competition, we will be bringing my brother and his new family and my parents to relive some of our wonderful memories of The Bedruthan Steps Hotel! Thank you.’