Explore Cornwall like a local: where we’ll be heading first
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Explore Cornwall like a local: where we’ll be heading first

Discover what special places in Cornwall our Marketing Team will be heading for, once lockdown is lifted…

Although each of us may count ourselves lucky to be living in Cornwall with the ability to walk through meadows during daily exercise, see the sea from our window, and hear the gulls whilst they swoop through the sky, we’re still restricted to our immediate surroundings. No more day trips in the camper-van to the opposite side of the coast, or heading off the beaten track for a catch-of-the-day lunch.

Keep reading to find out where our mind wanders during a daydream, and what spots we long to see in person once more…


Hannah | Porthcurnick Beach

”Porthcurnick Beach is one of the first places I’ll head to with my four year old. It’s probably the closest beach to our house, and it is also the place where I got married last year, so it has lots of precious, family memories. We’ll spend all day on the sand and in the sea, grab some lunch from the Hidden Hut (above you’ll see a delicious crab soup we’ve had before!), and then enjoy a pizza from Tatum’s at Porthscatho, before heading home.”


Lois | Sennen Cove

”Although my partner and I live in the North, our heart lies with the South Coast.

A love for Sennen Cove started when we were small, but these days we take visiting friends to show off this gorgeous stretch of coastline during early morning surfs, lazy beach days and BBQ’s. I can’t wait to do this again soon, with those I’ve missed so much. The beach is vast so you’ll be able to claim a nice spot as your own, but be sure to arrive early to secure parking!”

Jo | Falmouth

”After lockdown, I can’t wait to take day trips to Falmouth again, which is, in my opinion, the most fun port town in Cornwall! As a university town full to the brim with independent restaurants, pubs and shops, Falmouth is one of the most creative hubs in the area. My husband and I have always had the best time visiting and here are just a few of our favourite spots (but there are so many great places to eat, drink and re-caffeinate, it’s hard to pick just three!)
The Star and Garter: sitting at the top of the highstreet, the food and cocktail selection is always as excellent as the view (ask for a window seat).
La Cave: this atmospheric French restaurant and brasserie is set underground in a romantic candlelit cave.
Beerwolf Books: a book shop within a pub… what’s not to love!”


Eve | Chapel Porth at Sunset

”As a family, we love spending the day at Chapel Porth beach. My husband hits the surf and the children explore rock pools a plenty and clamber across the large granite boulders, whilst I enjoy peaceful cups of tea from the charming beach café and a paddle in the turquoise shallows. On a clear day, we stick around until sundown, as the pink and purple backdrop behind Wheal Coates tin mine is a view too special to ever pass up.”

 Thank you to @jadeharrisphotography for this beautiful image of Chapel Porth