Cornwall's Wild Wine Club
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Join Cornwall’s Wild Wine Club on your next visit to Bedruthan and discover some interesting wines in some spectacularly unexpected and beautiful places. Excitingly there is an event taking place on 7th July on Mawgan Porth Beach where Bedruthan guests can receive a 10% discount – see below for details.

What is Wild Wine Club?
The club is the creation of former Fifteen sommelier Debbie Warner who decided a few years back to put her two passions of wine and nature together and came up with a refreshing new take on traditional wine tasting.

Wild Wine Club takes tasting out of the restaurant and serves it up in the great outdoors instead. The result is a luxurious long-table wine feast in unexpected places where the food is paired with the wine, rather than the other way round.

The ‘club’ is refreshingly unpretentious and not remotely snooty: everyone is welcome and there’s no membership’s required. You just buy a (very reasonably priced) ticket and turn up.

“You don’t need a posh frock or a dinner jacket,” says Debbie. “Guests arrive in hiking boots and warm jackets, which gives things a much more relaxed feel.”

The atmosphere is relaxed, intimate, friendly and informative and the unofficial Wild Wine Club motto seems to be ‘arrive as strangers, leave as friends’.

“I love getting people talking about wine,’ says Warner. “I love finding out what they like or don’t like in a particular wine, and why. The best bit, though, is when they come back to another event and tell me all about the wine they’ve discovered in between.”

How Did the Club Come About?
Warner had always liked wine, but when she moved to Cornwall and started working at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, she found herself smitten by the restaurant’s ravishing wine list.

“My passion for wine just grew and grew from there. Every holiday I had, I went to a wine region and did a tasting or visited a vineyard to see how the wine was produced. I realised how much I didn’t know about wine.”

She began studying wine formally while working at Fifteen, eventually earning her level 4 diploma from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust – the highest wine qualification you can get.

It was at this point that she began to think more laterally about ways to experience wine.

“It struck me that all my best memories of wine tasting were outside,” she says, “sitting on a harbour wall or in a vineyard somewhere. I realised Cornwall has so many amazing outdoor places that invite you to sit down and drink good wine. The Wild Wine Club adventures started from there.”

Past Wild Wine Club adventures have included:

Nancarrow Farm

Feasts on the beach with seats dug into the sand

Port Eliot Estate Orangery
All accompanied by delicious, unpretentious, local food.

Excited yet? Take a look at the Wild Wine Club’s upcoming adventures: 

Join the club and try one of the following wild wine adventures:

Wine Meets Architecture at Kudhva – £65
24th March 2018

Kudhva (Cornish for ‘hideout’) is a collection of off-grid retreats, raised high above the ground on wooden legs with a suspended bed and captivating views down the coast.

Join the club at Kudhva to explore the influence of architectural design on winemaking, focusing on wineries with architecture at the heart of what they do, and asking how the production of wine has informed the design of the building.

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Galician Feasts at the Great Estate Festival – £39.50
1st to 3rd June 2018

Join the club at the Great Estate Festival in Redruth, Cornwall, for a candle-lit, three-course, long table wine feast.

The theme of the Friday evening is Galician Fish Feast exploring three Galician wines and paired an exciting three-course Galician fish menu.

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Wines of the Western Cape, Mawgan Porth Beach – £65.00
7th July 2018

Explore the wines of the Western Cape from Cornwall’s west-facing Mawgan Porth Beach.

Take your place around the candle-lit long-table for a five-course feast cooked up fresh on the beach and paired with five wines from the South African Westen Cape.

The diverse and spectacular landscapes of the Western Cape Winelands have been made a UNESCO world heritage site.

The vineyards there is the playground of some the boldest and most creative winemakers around. Free of the ties and regulations of the old world of making wine, they are creating wines as vibrant and varied as the landscape.

The Wild Wine Club is also offering an exclusive 10% discount to Bedruthan guests – please email with your booking reference and we will be able to give you a unique discount code to book online.

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