Childhood Memories #BedruthanStories
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Childhood Memories #BedruthanStories

By November 2, 2017Bedruthan Stories

Time for the next runner’s up from our Bedruthan Stories competition! This one is from Samantha reliving her family holidays in the hotel with her cunning parents. And she is correct – Emma Stratton (now one of the owner’s of Bedruthan and Scarlet hotels) is in the brochure picture.

I have many happy memories of holidays at Bedruthan Steps Hotel as a young girl back in the early 90s.  Even now we still talk and reminisce about our family holidays there.

A few months ago I happened to come across the Bedruthan Hotel Facebook page. Looking at the photos it all looked so familiar; the soft play area, the swimming pools and I was amazed to see that the children’s listening service is still going!

Now there is always one Bedruthan story that comes up time and time again in our family….our sneaky parents, (clearly in need of a peaceful and uninterrupted evening meal!) would tell me and my sister that the hotel was running a competition for the quietest children in bed, with a prize for the winners at the end of the week. There is no guessing who won the prize every time!?  At the end of our holiday after handing in our room key my parents would come back with a bag of sweets for me and my sister and tell us we had won the competition! We were thrilled every time and me and my sister never knew the truth until a good few years later!

As a family we made good friends at Bedruthan, one family from Scotland we even kept in touch with for many years. We also shared holidays there with our own family.  We would have great fun with our cousins and friends, an early tea together in the children’s dining room followed by excitedly waiting for the children’s evening entertainment.

Me and my sister were also lucky enough to feature in a photo in your holiday brochure.  Originally in an early 90’s edition; but the photo was still going strong in the 1998 edition which we also have a copy of.  That’s me at the front right and my sister Georgina wiping her nose on the far right! We think that’s Emma in the middle, who was/is the owners daughter.

With so many happy memories I would love the chance to bring my own family and two young daughters to Bedruthan Steps!