Bread making courses in Cornwall
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Bread making courses in Cornwall, UK

Baking throughout the country has hit new heights in recent years (thanks to a certain TV program). There is something really satisfying about taking the time and effort to mix, prove, bake and decorate a beautiful sponge cake, a lattice loaf or tray of beautiful brownies for your loved ones. Gathering all of the ingredients: bags of flour, sticky tins of syrup, blocks of butter on the worktop in front of you, ready for a quiet afternoon or dark evening of therapeutic baking. Getting people together and then presenting a warm, sugary treat to share a good natter over.


You can find numerous recipes in cookbooks and around the internet – but if you fancy trying some new baking, honing your techniques and venturing in to more complex recipes, you might want to give one of our new courses a go. Learn new bakes under the guidance of the talented Red Stuff & Wild chef, Adam Clark, in the warmth of the Bedruthan kitchens.


Throughout the year Adam will be leading special bread making classes exploring a range of beautiful breads, cakes and pastries. Each day-long course will explore a different seasonal or regional theme:

Celtic Bread Trail: traditional recipes from Ireland, Wales, Scotland and France

Sunshine & Snow: baking from around Europe, from the southern tip of Italy to the mountains of Scandinavia

Summer Breads: recipes perfect for enjoying outdoors in the sunshine

Autumn Breads: a day of warming and filling baking for those shorter days and colder weather

Yuletide & Yeast: a range of festive and luxury breads, perfect for big celebrations and thoughtful gifts


On each course you will be given the chance to try your hand at between six – ten different bakes from loaves of soda bread and buttery croissants, to traditional caraway buns and German pretzels. Adam will be on hand giving top tips on kneading techniques, how to prove different doughs and how to finish and decorate each bake. Most importantly, you’ll get the opportunity to taste all of your wonderful baked goods!

Each bread making course is just £40 per person running from 10am – 4pm. To find out when each class is running, take a look at our events page here, to book simply email or call 01637 860860.

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